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10 More Business Social Media Own Goals!

So, you’ve worked hard, gained friends and followers, tweeted your heart out and have finally created something beautiful. The boss is happy and the customers keep on coming back for more. A good start – but a few hundred followers aren’t going to start a revolution. You have to be cruel to be kind; because you will never hear any of your followers saying this:

1. You last released new content 18 months ago? Maybe you’ve been busy with work. I’ll remain friends with you and wait patiently. Ah here’s new content, 15 new posts all at once!

2.  Keep to a rigid schedule of updates – nothing says ‘engaging with your users’ like an unwavering routine of posts at 9.00am every first Monday of the month.

3.  Need to find cool stuff online to tweet about? Google “cool stuff online”, paste the first page of results straight into twitter. How would I ever have found this stuff! That Dog is talking like a human! Who knew?!

4. I bet your whole office is on Facebook, they all want a hand in social media because they are all experts. Why not give access to all of them? There’s nothing that says ‘brand cohesion’ more than a twitter profile that contradicts itself.

5.  Not getting many people commenting on your links? They are quite hard to spot sometimes. It’s much easier if you just send it to my inbox…daily.

6.  There are famous people on Twitter! OMG. Add them all, them ALL. I’m sure Sir Alan Sugar wouldn’t mind re-tweeting for you.

7. Social media is primarily used by young people surely. They have little understanding when it comes to marketing concepts and won’t know that you are just stuffing your brand in front of their faces. Take full advantage of their naivety.

8.  I commented on your picture you put up but it says its “awaiting moderation” – still, it’s probably my computer playing up! DOH!

9.   I wasn’t sure about that last update to your website, I liked it better before. I wrote on your comments section saying I didn’t like it but it looks like my comment has disappeared? I’ll post a more positive one.

10.   There are some really interesting links in your website, to a lot of different pages that are really high value and related. Thanks a bunch.

So there you have it, avoid the above social media blunders and you should be well on your way to gaining followers who actually enjoy hearing what you have to say!

Can you think of anymore social media mishaps? Lets us know!

Dan Izzard blogs for Sparkstone and believes technology can save your business, then again he also believes Arsenal will win the Champions League. He has however, more authority in the area of ecommerce website development and epos systems.

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  1. Great post!

    This gonna be a great help so far if you’ll doing social media business. And I think I should apply this inn my business so that success will be coming too soon. Thanks for the post!

  2. Now this is one of the best list of 10 things which i have seen especially the picture i liiked it a lot .. thanks for such a nice information . i am sharing this one with my social circle of friends :)
    keep up the good work

  3. Social media can be effective for their business if they know how to benchmark,test and verify the result. Without a way of measuring the success of social media, they are blindly using that form of communication without realizing the effect it has with their customers.

  4. Blogs are really interesting especially when you like what you blog. Nice post by the way!

  5. This is a very interesting information, I gain a lot of knowledge here. Social media is a big help in business today because a lot of people use this.

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