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Where Are My Twitter Followers?

FollowingWe all know social media is important to your business.

Twitter is one of those essential venues to work with, and once you’ve setup your account, you want to see those followers rolling in. But what if you don’t? How can you get more followers?

Check out these tips…

1. Sign up on Directories

You can use different directories to connect with new people and gain followers. Directories like Just Tweet It and Twitter Groups help you find Twitter users with similar interests, while others like Legal Birds or First Issue are directories for particular fields like law or publishing. You can probably find directories for almost any field or interest.

2. Add Twitter to Your Site, Your Blog and Anywhere Else You Can

If you have a site for your business and/or a blog, make sure you have your Twitter account readily available on it; use a Twitter widget. You can also blog directly about your Twitter account and make it tempting for your readers to check it out.

If you guest blog, add your Twitter information. Add it to your advertisements and any press about you or your business. The more visible your Twitter information is and the easier it is to get to, the more followers you’ll get.

3. Hold a Contest

Offer some sort of contest through Twitter. Those interested in your prize will have to sign up to enter. Get creative and your followers can even help you advertise. Maybe you can ask for the catchiest phrase with your business name in it and offer a discount or giveaway prize. Ask for the best photo with your business depicted in it somehow – if you sell office furniture, ask for pics with your furniture in it, or a summer picture for a purse business, or something with pets for any business! You could offer multiple levels of prizes, from a grand prize to multiple low level prizes. Have a good hashtag and tweet about it yourself.

4. Ask Questions/Hold Surveys

Followers like to interact. If you ask a fun, relevant question, you can get some imaginative and informative responses and it opens up interaction and communication. Your followers will feel a personal connection to you.

5. Offer Insightful Information

Don’t just tweet about which shoes you’re wearing today – offer something worthwhile. Sometimes less is more and your quality should override your quantity. Let your followers look forward to your tweets, not ignore them.

6. Tweet with Intelligence

You are Tweeting, not texting, so use intelligent language. Skip the text talk and spell your words out. You will let your followers know you respect them with high quality tweets, and especially in the business world, take the time to speak like an adult.

7. Follow Your Followers

If you want them to follow you, take the time to follow your followers. Sure, you don’t have to always follow every single one, and you’ll probably follow some people who don’t return the favor, but if you keep your proportion similar, you’ll show you are interested in the whole Tweeter concept, which is engaging and sharing.

Though Tweets are short, Twitter takes time.

Treat your account and followers with respect, be engaging and you can watch your number of followers grow.

Best of luck, and please share any good ideas you have for increasing your followers.

About the Author: Heather Legg is a freelance writer writes for a variety of sites, including Nationwide Office Liquidators. You can find her on Twitter @writeygirl.

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