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What Should Always Keep Off Your Facebook

Facebook is my number one distraction. Have you ever wondered who exactly is looking at your profile? With a private profile, your friends are the only ones that can view your images, but when it’s public it’s open to everyone with Facebook. It’s virtual paparazzi on your life, except you’re allowing it to happen. Here are some things you should keep off of your Facebook whether it’s private or public.

Photos With Illegal Activities

Photographs with illegal activities can be used against you, especially if your Facebook is public. If you happen to get in trouble with the law, the court can access you photographs on Facebook and use them against your case. It looks bad for your reputation altogether.

If you have kids, it’s important they are aware of the rules also. Their school and coaches can punish them for the activities they are posting on Facebook. This is big with underage drinking and schools (even colleges) are cracking down on students.

Potential employers frown upon illegal activity, and do not someone with a background in drugs or violence in the workplace. There are plenty of candidates to chose from, you only make their job easier in narrowing down the perfect candidate. Before applying to jobs, make sure inappropriate content isn’t on any of your social media accounts. Employers will check!

Personal Information

There are so many people on Facebook. You obviously do not know everyone signed up for Facebook, even if you have over 1,000 friends. There are people in this world that want your information. Whether it’s where you live or your birthday. Adding too munch information to your Facebook can put your life and identity at risk.

Make sure you never have information like your social number on your Facebook. You should not put your whole birthday on your Facebook either. If you want to get wished ‘Happy Birthday’ by everyone on Facebook, you can still leave your month and day, but take the year out. If someone wants to know your age, they can ask. By limiting your information, you are preventing someone from stealing your identity.

Adding too much information can also put your life and family at risk. If you are constantly updating where you are, someone can find you. You are making the job of a stalker much easier. Also if you let the world of Facebook know your entire family is on vacation, you are also letting everyone know that your house is empty, and it can lead to a burglary.

Megan Willis uses the web for everything, whether it’s on her computer or mobile device. She’s smart about what she puts in social media and encourages others to follow in her path. She protects her electronics with NQ Mobile.

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  2. That’s right. If you have photos with privacy, nude photos with your boy/girl friend, never post it on Facebook or else may be used by others for illegal purposes, causing you to face legal action.

  3. our facebook profile have a lot of information about us and it can be used by anyone for any purpose. so, we should not share our personal information with others.
    thanks for such nice information

  4. I never share my specific personal informationand photos with others on facebook.

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