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Watch Out! Invasion of the Twitter Bug

There seems to be no end for the new Twitter platform problems. With the launch of the new interface, a security loophole was introduced. Early morning fixes plugged loopholes in the virus that turned tweets different colors.

The Twitter blog named it the “onMouseOver” flaw in its’ blog. The tweet color conversion happened as the mouse scrolled over the tweet without even clicking on it. Although no private data was subjected to the virus, it raised concerns about the safety of the new Twitter platform.

In addition to the color change, some enterprising users added code that would cause people to unknowingly re-tweet the original tweet. Although it seemed like an innocuous bug, it made users of the social media platform wary of the possibility of invasion.

The Washington Post blog post also identified that the Twitter feeds also became subject to an additional virus. The virus caused a black box to appear over their tweet and redirected them to a porn site. After doing this the virus continued to send out the bug to all of their followers.

It seems as though no one was immune to the bug and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (@pressSec) to tweet “My Twitter went haywire – absolutely no clue why it sent that message or even what it is…paging the tech guys…”

Although the bug seemed to run rampant for a short period of time on the Twitter site the other Twitter hosting sites such as HootSuite, and TweetDeck were not affected by the virus.

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