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Unthink to Vie Facebook in Social Media Service

With the popularity of Facebook in the field of Social Media Service, it is an undeniable fact that many startup companies would try to venture and rival the services offered by Facebook. You should have known by now that the search giant itself – Google has established its own social networking site – the Google plus. And here’s something new for those who want some updates pertaining social media or social networking site.

UNTHINK is here to challenge social media services offered by Facebook. Yes! Unthink is a social media service based in Tampa, Florida has its goal to satisfy users who were disappointed with the popular services like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. Unthink has its own unique policy for social networking – “the user, not a company, determines the content of a site”.

The minds behind Unthink desired to build a platform free of the spam and flagrant advertising from annoying commercial entities, which stressed on the user as the most important aspect of social networking. Followers of this new social network celebrate Unthink as a step in the right path for social networking—a move away from the heavy ad based model of Facebook and its look-a-like. Unthink is still in its initial attempt, so its influence can’t be fully appraised yet. But what is there to know about this new social media service?

Unthink’s new advertisement structure

Unthink’s primary goal is to enable its user in more concrete ways than those offered by its counterparts.

Spokespersons for Unthink draw blunt differences between themselves and other services by reconstructing the way the display ads which normally include the main source of revenue for free social networks. On sites like Facebook, marketers consider users’ openly shared facts and figures in order to aim for definite demographics with the most efficient and helpful advertisements. With Unthink, users have more options on what advertisements they see in time they sign in.

Users can select advertisers by the “iEndorse” service, whereby users choose an adviser that they intently identify with or are willing to recommend via their profile. Whenever a user needs a profile free of advertisements, they can choose to pay a reasonable annual fee instead (news stories state that the fee is approx. $2 per year).

The interface

The user interface of Unthink is quite pushy; it embaces features from several successful social networking services in an endeavor to incorporate all facets of the online socialization experience. Once logged in, a user can share data via Facebook wall-style “stream.” A user’s stream can be divided into different points of view: anyone can reveal information with a number of people, your network, or the general public with similar way as one does with Google+’s circles.

There’s a distinct area for more commercially-concerned users, labeled “Professional,” where social networkers can search for relevant links and associates in a space unconstrained by the mess of other social networks. The core idea is, Unthink strives to combine the distinction of casual, professional, and entrepreneurial online social networking into one focal point, all without the intrusion of conventi?nal advertisements or hazy c?ntrol.

Can smaller social media services succeed?

While Unthink certainly makes a noble effort to give users ultimate “control” over their social netw?rking experiences, it remains unclear whether or not the service will make any sizeable impact on the market. Within the first day of its beta test, Unthink was brought down from unexpected spike of traffic.

Such an error speaks well to their marketing, but it may also indicate that the service is unready to take on social media giant like Facebook which has great foll?wings of over 800 million users. But the social networking market grew so large in such a span of time; it’s hard to imagine any small startup company tackling such a huge audience without experiencing some minor issues. Time will determine whether or not Unthink will endure among its social media competitors.

This guest post is written by Joel Bangahon. The sole author of the Free Article Submission Directory and the SEO consultant of the Online Money Maker.

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