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Twitter Users Don’t Like the New Advertising Plan

If you have been wondering how Twitter is going to make money from being such a popular website, here is your basic answer. Of course, we all recognize that many of the other large social media websites, like MySpace and Facebook, make serious money off of advertising.

Twitter has not yet jumped on board with this venture, meaning that they are not making enough money to even keep their servers up to date so that the actual use of Twitter can be quite slow at times.

Finally, Twitter has decided to reveal their strategy to make money by using promoted tweets, which are tweets that companies have paid for as sponsored messages. This means that they will also appear at the top of searches since they are paid promotions. You can only imagine that Twitter is all abuzz with this latest news, and many Twitter users are hoping that these promotions will not last.

Still, other users feel that the promoted tweets will keep Twitter from being sold to a larger company that will promote ad space, similar to MySpace. Again, Twitter users have also expected this change since Twitter has taken so long to jump onto the moneymaking bandwagon. The only issue with this type of advertising is the use of spam, which many Twitter users already have a problem with due to shameless self-promotion from a number of companies already using Twitter.

Many users are reporting that they are blocking specific companies because of their promoted tweets, which could be an unexpected backlash from Twitter users. The bottom line to this type of advertising approach is that Twitter still provides you with the freedom to block and unfollow these advertisers. This is truly different from the advertising space sold on MySpace and Facebook, which will come up on your page no matter what. Depending upon how well this advertising plan works, Twitter still may give you the freedom to avoid these ads altogether.

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