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Take Your Social Media Life Offline: Twitter, Digg, Facebook, etc Business Cards

Social media business cards

You are a power social media user, you have hundreds of friends on Facebook and thousands of followers on Twitter but you are ONLY popular on the Internet? Would you like to take part of your Internet social media life offline?

Here are a few stylish examples of social media business cards:

Twitter Business Cards

Retweet Business Card

Retweet Business Card

“What are you doing?” Business Card

Twitter Business Card

Digg Business Cards

Digg Style Business Card

Digg Business Card


“Dig it” Business Card

Digg Business Card


Reddit Business Card

(Why 0 votes there?)

Reddit Business Card

Facebook Business Cards

Facebook Profile Business Card

Facebook Business Card

Facebook Back Business Card

Facebook Business Card

Myspace Business Card

Myspace Business Card

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6 Replies

  1. Why are these all labeled as “Credit cards”?


  2. Bad credit weekend ahead? LOL thanks much – edited the post!

  3. This gives me some ideas for my next business card.

  4. These cards are unique. I am in the process of changing my business cards and this gives me some ideas.

  5. Great designs but i would agree that not all of these are “business cards”-some are just unique and clever promotional or marketing tools. However, inspirational none the less.



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