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Top 8 Jingle Contests and the Secret to Creating a Winning Submission

The best television commercials of all time, the best radio spots you turned up (and not down) in your car, and the slogans that got stuck in your head are because of a catchy jingle. Whether it’s “I’d like to teach the world to sing” or “I’m lovin’ it” jingles are as effective as it gets.

Writing a jingle can make you money by winning the many jingle contests online. Here are the eight best jingle contests, and how to bring home the top prize.

1. Shake Weight
Top Prize – $25,000

The weight that’s as funny as it’s effective gives you a chance to write their jingle. Keep it short, sweet, and rhyme cleverly and you could be taking home fat cash.

Tip: A good jingle can’t be something you enjoy. It has to be something you hear and repeat again.

2. Folgers Contest
Top Prize -$25,000

It’s hard to compete with the iconic jingle “The best part of waking up…” but if you got what it takes, put on a pot of coffee and start writing.

Tip: Focus on the emotion a product evokes. The Folgers theme doesn’t focus on the product, but the feeling it brings.

3. Safe Auto
Top Prize – 5,000

Writing a jingle for Safe Auto could earn you money. Be original, creative, and stay away from jingles about horrible car wrecks that could cost you thousands…insurance companies don’t like to think about that.

Tip: Just like “Justin Case” it’s helpful if your jingle uses puns or literary devices to create catchiness.

4. Great New Hampshire Restaurants
Top Prize -$1,000

This company is offering top dollar for their “Made From Scratch” jingle contest. While the food might be good, it doesn’t explain why anyone wants to go to New Hampshire.

Tip: Get familiar with the product. Finding a hook only comes with familiarity.

5. American Family Insurance
Top Prize- Trip to the Super Bowl

Think you can do better than their jingle? Prove it. The contest wants you to talk about your hopes and dreams. Don’t have any? Make them up.

Tip: Make it quick. The best hooks are less than 10 seconds.

6. Kars4Kids
Top Prize – Bose Theater System

One of the most infectious jingles in recent memory gave viewers the chance to write their own. While the winning jingle was great, nothing beats the original.

Tip: Simple melody. The Kars4Kids is simple enough to commit the rhythm to memory.

7. Turtle Wax
Top Prize – $2,500

The company’s sixty year old jingle was replaced by a new, hipper jingle. It updated the jingle of the wonderful wax that’s been the sweet oil of motorhead’s for years.

Tip: Modify the old but keep some elements of what made it popular and catchy to begin with.

8. Oreo Cookies
Top Prize $10,000

This contest was to write an Oreo and Milk Jingle. The winners grab themselves enough cash to dunk cookies for years.

These contests can provide a lot of cash, and the chance to write the next memorable jingle. Being brief, simple, and fun can make an instant classic.

You’ve got the inspiration, it’s time to get to writing.

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  1. Adam Greenwood Aug 19th 2011

    It doesn’t tell you what the dates are for the jingle competitions. A lot of them are dead links now …

  2. posts new jingle contests as they become available

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