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Three Great Instagram Tips For Small Businesses

instagramSmall businesses around the country are always looking for ways to showcase their brand and one of the best ways to do this today is through social media sites like Instagram.  Many people think that this social media site is just for celebrities and kids who have nothing better than to post photos of their meals or other inanities.  Actually, Instagram is fast becoming one of the world’s top social media networks and many large name brands are using it to market their products.  If you want to start a new marketing campaign for your small business, the following are three great Instagram tips for small businesses.

Show Your Company’s History

Not all small businesses are just starting up or are relatively new.  Many small businesses have been handed down through the generations and are still quite viable.  Take some of the old photographs from when the business was first created and start posting them from the very beginning to today’s time.  You can also use this to show your businesses culture if it is not the same as the culture where the company is located.  This gives your followers a visual look at where your business has come from and how it’s grown.  And on the upside you don’t have to use Instagram’s filters to make the photos look old!

Offer Sales to Your Instagram Followers

If you want to get more followers and you are not quite ready to purchase them, you can always have a sale for any new follower on your Instagram.  This is a great way to boost your following and you can also boost your business’ income too by getting more sales.  You don’t even have to limit the sale to just new followers if you don’t want.  The main point is to offer a special that will bring in more followers and keep your current followers engaged with your brand.  Having a sale has been a great marketing tool for as long as there have been stores so it’s not a big stretch to move this tactic to the social media realm.

Feature Your Fans

When your fans post photos of themselves using your products, you have just found free advertising and you need to take advantage of it.  Share their photos on your own newsfeed and tag your company in their photos.  This tactic can be a wonderful way to get your small business more traffic.  When your followers see everyday people using your products in normal settings they are more inclined to want to purchase them too.  Perhaps your product is being used in a creative way that was not thought of before.  This can garner new interest in an old product so you should showcase these photos as much as possible.

Instagram is a great social media platform for any small business or company no matter how long they’ve been conducting business.  Show the company’s history through photos and feature your fans using or enjoying your products in creative ways.  Also make sure that you offer sales to your followers and future followers to keep then engaged with your brand.

Daniel Green has been blogging about social media and its effects on our generation for over five years.

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