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The Most Important Step To Achieving Success With Online Marketing

There is a very easy to understand reason why over 90% of those that start a journey with online marketing fail. They don’t fail because they lack the skills or they don’t have the money. The main reason people fail with online marketing is because they are lazy. Laziness is the root of most failures online and offline.

Over 90% of the people that start a website, a blog, or any other online marketing venture will fail simply because they are not willing to put in the time and work. Many think they should be able to work only 10 minutes a day and become rich. They think this because the so-called gurus tell them all this nonsense to sell them products. It is not true and “get rich quick schemes” are a waste of money and time.

Online Marketing requires work, dedication, and time. Your website or your blog is a business and you have to treat it as such. If you just slap up some content, a few pictures, and promote a product, then you will never make money. It takes more than that and you have to be willing to put in the time and the work.

The Most Important Step You Must Take with Online Marketing

If you ever want to be successful with online marketing there is one very important step you must, first take. You have to TAKE ACTION. This is where most people fail and they fail because they never get started. Sure, it sounds great to make thousands of dollars online and many people do it every week and every month, but for some reason online marketing is still full of skeptics that just won’t take action.

It is right to be skeptic of a guide or product that might be claiming you can make thousands of dollars with their system. Most online marketing products are complete garbage and will do nothing to help you. However, there are some that are very powerful including a few forums you can join for free to discover everything you need to make money online.

The secret is simple, take action. Write your first article, build your first blog, place your first ad, it has to start somewhere. When you see a profile on Twitter or Facebook and you think, “Wow, that guy/girl has a ton of followers/fans”, do you think they just started and found them all in one day? Of course, they didn’t and just like you, they started with the first on.

Whether you use article marketing, syndication marketing, blogging, pay per click advertising, or any other form of online marketing it all starts with taking action. If you never write your first article or place your first ad, how are you supposed to get to 100 articles or 500 articles? You can’t unless you start with one.

Success in Online Marketing Requires Patients

A professor once asked his students a simple question, “What is the best way to eat an Elephant?” The students offered many suggestions including grilling, baking, barbequing, and many other answer, but none of the answer were what the professor was looking for. They were not necessarily wrong, but the professor was looking for the answer, “one bite at a time”.

The point here is if you were to eat an entire elephant, it would have to start with the first bite. Online marketing is much the same and you can look at it as your elephant. It is a large task to build a blog or website, and then gain the necessary traffic to become successful, but it all starts with taking the first step.

You cannot make $1,000 online unless you make $500 first. You cannot make $500 online unless you make $100 first. You cannot make $100 online unless you take action, write an article, put out an ad, build a blog, or do something to generate traffic to a website or blog that has a form of monetization on it. Success with online marketing has to start with taking action or you will always be an online failure.

The Author, Benjamin Ehinger, is a highly skilled writer providing tips to those looking to make a living online from article marketing. Go to to claim your Free Article Marketing Guide and start earning your online income Today!

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  1. This post clearly confirms the fact that it is extremely helpful for newbie in this business to have patients and start it now if you feel it. Your valuable experience shows all here in your post.

  2. I have seen the opposite types as well – People who give up by burning out after doing a lot of work… But then, I do agree that most of us suffer from laziness. And lack of doing the action TODAY and NOW.

  3. I like to say that this post has brilliant idea. It made me keep on reading this post and enjoy it. I hope I can read more post of this author. Good job!

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