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Spam in Real Life: Funny Spam Photo Collection

It is always funny when our web and social media phenomena enters the “offline” or “real” world. We already had a fun roundup of twitter fail whales in real life photos.

Today’s follow-up is about spam in real-life. We all hate it unless it is funny! So while we can’t escape it here, let’s at leats make fun of it:

1. Spam, the Vintage-Style


by dok1

2. Spam Vintage Ad: All Done with Spam!

Spam vintage

by Wandering Magpie

3. Comment Spammers Burn in Hell

Amen to that…

comment spammers

by D’Arcy Norman

4. Spam Energy Drink

Spam Energy Drink

5. Deep Fried Spam

Deep Fried Spam

by Mykl Roventine

6. SPAMlet

I just love the word:


by Aaron Gustafson

7. Spam Parking Only

Spam Parking Only

by cursedthing

8. No Spam

No Spam

by Thomas Hawk

9. Eat Spam Here!

Eat Spam Here!

by Librarianguish

10. Finally…


Lets’ have some spam fun!

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