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Social Tools to Help: Euro 2012 Last Minute Travel Tips

Summer is just around the corner, and football fans from across Europe are eagerly anticipating this year’s UEFA European Championship 2012 football finals in Poland and Ukraine. With the likes of Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland all fancying their chances of landing European football’s biggest prize, together with dark horses England, Croatia and the two host nations, this summer’s footballing fiesta is set to be one of the most spectacular in years.

Fans traveling to the finals can look forward to an exhilarating atmosphere and gracious hospitality from their Polish and Ukrainian hosts. Yet for all the friendliness of the locals, Poland and Ukraine present a number of challenges, especially in the case of last minute travelers. With so many thousands of fans expected to attend, finding suitable accommodation and transport at this late stage will be tough, while the language barrier will pose its own set of problems.

In order to overcome these challenges, we’ve identified three handy services that should ensure a smooth visit for anyone thinking of heading to Poland and Ukraine this summer, even at this late stage.

Finding Hotels

One of the biggest challenges will be finding somewhere to stay, what with most hotels likely to be fully booked already. As such, the following iPhone app may just be a life-saver. The simply-titled Booking App is a dedicated hotel search app for the Ukrainian market.

Packed with hotels in all major cities – including the four host cities of Kiev, Lvov, Donestk and Kharkov – Booking App lets users search for both hotels and apartments according to location, price and quality of service. Hotels are displayed on a handy map so they’re easy to find, and the designers are promising to add Polish hotels before the finals kick off, making this a truly indispensible tool for any last-minute traveler.

Getting Around

Transport between the two countries (and inside them) is inevitably going to be a bit of a nightmare. At the moment it’s touch and go whether the major roads linking the two countries will even be ready on time.

With flight and train availability up in the air, the only certain way to get around is by renting your own wheels. Express Car Hire, a polish car rental firm, is offering some excellent deals with small sedans starting at just €45 per day. What’s more, Express Car Hire are happy for customers to take their rented vehicles across the border to Ukraine.


Most Polish and Ukrainians do not speak English, or if they do, their English ability is often limited. For last minute travelers, this can present a big problem, because those who leave things till the late are the ones most likely to need assistance on their travels.

ComTranslations are currently offering a range of special services for Euro 2012 that can dispense with all communication worries. With services including translation of documents and marketing materials for corporate clients, and friendly, professional interpreters ready to provide immediate assistance on the ground, ComTranslations are the language solution for this year’s finals.

So, if you’re planning on attending  the Euro 2012 matches in either Poland or Ukraine, we hope these suggestions help a bit in your last minute planning. The best places to stay, best transportation sulutions, and translated information will help a lot so that you get the most out of your football experience.

cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo shared by Aleksandr Osipov

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