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TV Guide has been a staple of the US culture since the first issue was printed in April of 1953. That first issue featured Lucy and Desi’s newborn Desi Arnaz Jr. with the headline “Lucy’s $50,000,000 baby!” Since that first splash into social media, TV Guide has gone on to become a daily and weekly print publication.

With the advent of cable television came expansion in the form of the TV Guide channel, one more avenue for people to tune in and see what’s coming and going in the world of television. In 2005, TV Guide printed its last magazine after 52 years in circulation.

This changing of the guard was partly due to the ringing in of the digital age and keeping up with the times. It was also due to the large demand placed on the weekly print with new cable channels popping up almost daily. To stay true to the format and give compelling information, the TV Guide grew in physical size as fast as it could and still didn’t keep up. So it was time to move into the 21st century.

The Electronic Program Guide

The electronic program guide (EPG) found its way to the public forum nearly 3 decades after the first TV Guide was printed. Developed by United Video Satellite Group in 1981, this EPG was the base software for television stations and cable TV companies to broadcast their program schedule.

The crudest of grid formats in the beginning, it quickly grew into the scrolling digital feed we see today. Now there are even more program channels, with each cable section like Pay Per View and Music Channels adding their own guide channel.

By breaking the guide up into preview sections, the EPG is better able to service all customers quickly. You get what you want and get out, before the start of the next show.

Decreased User Interface

A statistic majority of people don’t bother with the program schedule channel since they know their favorite stations by heart and when their shows start. We’re creatures of habit, and this has caused a decrease in ad dollars for those companies still using the old TV Guide style channels. Plus, with the search function on most DVR boxes, people just don’t have to wait for their program to scroll back across the screen.

That’s why most companies these days are turning to the cyber world to advertise. Twitter and Facebook have exploded with ad revenue, while basic cable channels are floundering. People will wait to see what the reviews are on an upcoming show or movie before deciding to spend their time on it. So it comes as no surprise that word of mouth, and iOS apps like SocialGuide and the like are becoming the popular way to share.

Web Guide Distribution

You do not need to look to a mobile platform for an easily distributed TV schedule. Today every major news and medial portal has a version of a digital TV guide. Consider Yahoo, HBO, CBS and NBC, naming just a handful that have a comprehensive television broadcast guide on the net. Each catering to their own network were agitators and network independents aggregate from most if not all of these.

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