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  • According to a US study the highest percentage of people who are using social networks across the board are between the ages of 35 to 44 with a whopping 25% of the total number.
  • Facebook has over 1.15 billion users with the UK, despite its small population, coming in 6th place for most Facebook users, which proves that we may be small but we can still pack a punch.
  • 50% of Facebook users log in on any given day, that’s over 600 million people moaning all at once.
  • Photo networks are growing very fast with over 137 million people being members of Instagram and around 87 million users on Flickr! That’s a lot of photos!
  • Thinking about posting a video online? Well its best have a really good opening because you only have 10 seconds to grab the watchers attention, so no dreary intros people!
  • If didn’t know it already or hear it from the tappidy tap of peoples mobiles, social networks on the mobile phone are going through the roof with over 189 million Facebook users are mobile users only, so I’d get set for more people staring endlessly into their phones!

Have a look at our infographic for more cool facts:


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