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This comic I came across recently got me into thinking about how people disagree on social media. Really, often this makes me really sad:

Is the person who cries louder is the only one to be heard?

Is there actually any sense in trying to prove your point? Do you ever try to?

After all,

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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  1. Saw your tweet, amusing post.

    Its not so much the arguing or disagreement that gets me as much as the levels of disrespect that such a trivial issue can escalate to so quickly. It comes with the anonymity and unaccountability that people are used to and even starting to grow up accustomed to i the age of social media and the web

  2. Very funny.

    We had a company submit their website to our sister company, we would not allow a link because we thought it was a spamming site, it was so bad.

    The owner contacted us, and we gave this person (an Accountant) some advice on how to change their site, and this information was given free.

    Next thing we know, we are being told we are in the wrong and the Accountant became quite abusive.

    We didn’t bother replying, because the advice given was basic seo, and any other seo out there would know we had given good advice.

    At the time we were looking for a new Accountant, but he was not offered the work :)

    Hopefully all the hidden text within his pages is still there and it will effect his site, not to mentioned the large capitals he has decided to use to ‘shout’ at his customers.

  3. It is better for us to know this kind of social media site discussion, we all know that there are great benefits we can get regarding on different kinds of article to gain knowledge, and to answer different question some people can’t understand, it proves that we should different kinds of idea to other give and take process.

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