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Phone App Good News for Foursquare Users

Foursquare is releasing its retooled iPhone app just in time for Christmas. The popular location based social networking site has been working on the app and recent Twitter feeds such as “we just found an app approval in our stocking! New Foursquare early next week. Thanks #SantaJobs,” appeared in their Twitter feed.

In addition to the usual the new iPhone app will include options to include local points of interest, a handy ‘to do’ list and sites that are popular with users in the local area. Foursquare is banking on the fact that people will promote their experiences rather than the products and developers hope that future versions of Foursquare can obtain information about other users that have checked into the same venue.

Foursquare users can obtain badges and even accumulate points to become a virtual Mayor of frequently visited venues. The platform is not solely for iPhone users as the application can be used on Android, BlackBerry, webOS and Windows Mobile.

Foursquare developer Dennis Crowley says that “check ins are not interesting. It’s what happens after the check in”. He thinks that the value of the check in is the key and that being able to track users habits will benefit merchants

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  1. Seems like this new app will work more efficient to display only eligible services unlike self promoted.

  2. sounds great, It’s great that FourSquare app is available for system other than iPhone too….

  3. This is great and very useful now we know the best Phone application for me and to every one.

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