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Modern Business: The Social Media Strategy

modern businessAdvertisers and marketers are infiltrating social networks. In fact, many corporations believe there is no better platform for reaching potential new customers. Lately they’ve been coming up with ingenious new ways to reach users on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. It looks like those methods are bound to change, however, as users become hip to their ways and marketers find even better opportunities for reaching social media audiences.

Today, 86 percent of marketers believe that social media is an important way to reach customers and clients. A huge portion – 79 percent – of marketers have already integrated social media into their major marketing strategies. Exactly how are they doing this?

Advertisers, marketing companies, and small business owners target Facebook users before all else. Larger percentages of them also maintain a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and various blogging platforms. Smaller percentages use photo-sharing apps like Instagram, create podcasts, or issue daily deals on coupon sites like Groupon.

What brings marketers to social networking platforms? It’s not improved sales – only 43 percent of marketers list sales as a reason for frequenting Facebook. On the other hand, 89 percent of marketers listed increased exposure as the main reason they take to social networking platforms. Other top reasons included increased website traffic, the ability to evaluate market insight, the opportunity to create a loyal customer base, and lead generation.

Do these marketing strategies work? In a word, yes – they work incredibly well. Of companies that spend more than 40 hours a week on media strategy, 62 percent earn new business through social networking. However, as little as six hours can make a difference: 92 percent of marketers who spend at least six hours online believe their social media strategy brought increased company exposure.

Not only is online networking an incredible way to reach potential consumers, it saves money on marketing expenses. About 62 percent of small businesses with 10 employees or less agreed that they spent less on marketing than they would have without a social media strategy. About 38 percent of companies with 1,000 or more employees also agreed that social media saved them money on marketing.

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