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LinkedIn Announces Makeover for New Brand Pages

It seems as if all the older social networks are making changes, and LinkedIn is jumping on board too. The professional social network recently announced that it would be rolling out new brand pages for companies.

While LinkedIn has a reputation for being used by professionals, its design has also received a reputation for being jumbled and unorganized, facets that will be changing once the rollout goes mainstream.

Right now, only top dog companies like HP and Phillip have been able to snag the benefits of the revamped pages, but the following are a few of the perks that your company can plan on receiving.

Highlight your career openings.

Many people use LinkedIn to locate jobs, but LinkedIn’s old layout didn’t make this a prominent feature. Now, the makeover will give job openings their own special section, which will be easier to locate and easier to use. This way, if someone lands on your LinkedIn page and is interested in your company, they can easily see which positions you currently have available.

Show off a great company photo.

Facebook has it’s Timeline cover photo, and LinkedIn will also allow companies to place a large photo at the top of their page in order to generate more interest. Unlike Facebook’s photos, though, LinkedIn doesn’t seem to mention having any restrictions on what type of photo can be used, so you may be able to use it to promote your company’s products and services. Not only does this large image add some visual to an otherwise all-text website, but it also gives your company the ability to show off your business.

Everything is more organized.

The biggest upgrade to the LinkedIn brand page makeover is the much needed organization of all the features. Instead of having to locate items in random tabs or search through a jumbled mess of information on a company’s page, every feature will now have its own designated section, making it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use. There will also be a section for you to feature your company’s products or services, so your connections can get a much better feel for exactly what your company has to offer.

Your connections get what they want.

Before, anyone on your brand page would have to search through information to find what was relevant for them. Now, LinkedIn added in a delightful new algorithm that gives the users exactly what they want based on their own information and use of the site. For example, if an individual with sales experience happened to come across your page, and you had a posted job opening for a sales position, that would be the first thing that appears on this person’s view of your page.

LinkedIn has yet to state when the new look will be available to all brand pages, but it should be rolling out sometime this year. These new pages will make using LinkedIn better for your connections, which will make it more beneficial to your business.

This article about LinkedIn’s new brand pages was written by Joshua Reynolds in tandem with SEOMap – a group specializing in keyword strategy.

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  1. Like the sound of this new make-over, sounds like it will be easier to locate and use in the future.

  2. Hello Joshua,

    Makeover for linkedin sounds great. I have been active on this platform for over 2 years now. Linkedin is a boon for job seekers and the opportunities posted are authentic.


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