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Lead Generation Tactics on Social Networks

leadThere’s no question about it that social media is here to stay. Although in the early days of social media, services such as Facebook and Twitter could be seen as a fad, it’s clear now that social networks have redefined the Internet. A staggering 91 percent of all online adult users are regularly active on some social networks; many belong to and utilize multiple networks.

All of this makes social networks a prime target for anyone looking to accelerate their business. With the right strategies, it’s very realistic to develop traffic on a given social network and convert it into sales. The trick is knowing exactly what tactics and strategies to implement in order to succeed in doing so.

If your company is already active on one or more social network, then you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. However, just belonging to a social network isn’t enough. This is a mistake made by a countless number of companies. Surely you’ve seen a business page on Facebook that has 12 fans and has been updated twice in the last four months. They’re a dime a dozen, and pages of this nature really help to hammer home the fact that you have to be active. Share something that has merit. Even if you’re just posting a favorable review of your product or asking your fans a question, this sort of engagement is still going to help your fan base and potential leads develop much quicker. On Twitter and Facebook, updates and interactions show up on the feeds of other users, and because of this, your activity will help bring in new fans as well as solidify relationships with your existing user base.

Another step to take in order to bring traffic to your page is to advertise and let people know that it even exists. If your customer base is large enough and you have enough people who honestly feel passionate about the products or services you’re offering, you’ll be fortunate enough to gain some followers who have simply looked you up. This isn’t the best strategy for growth, though. Maximize your followers by putting links to your social network pages on your website, and do other things to make customers aware of it. Mention your social media accounts in company blogs, perhaps even include the logos at your place of business. The key is to make existing customers aware so that you can build a presence and gain new leads from that presence.

Once you have enough people following your account on whatever social network you’re using, the next step is to take these soft leads and increase their conversion rates. There are a few strategies that can be used here, but the most reliable is to offer something that they can’t get anywhere else. A coupon code, referral bonus or other such offer will help your conversion rates. Remember that these are people who are following your page, so they’re familiar with your product and are willing to buy into it. Your job is to give them added incentive to do so. Referral programs can work miracles on social networks, given the fact that you’re essentially employing the most enthusiastic part of your customer base to recruit for you.

Beyond these steps, the next most crucial tip to remember is to keep things personal. Hewlett-Packard and Verizon Wireless are leaders in this category; their Twitter profiles are constantly updated and they have good interaction with fans. A lot of this comes in the form of customer support and providing answers to questions, but it ensures that your social networking account remains valuable. Keep in mind that people are on social networks for just what the title suggests – socialization. If your posts are too focused on selling or bringing in new customers, your audience will eventually tune you out and stop following.

By getting involved and reaching new people, you’ll see your customer base grow and your social network presence will begin to pay dividends. Just follow the tips outlined here and capitalize on opportunities. There is a seemingly infinite pool of leads available on social networks; the key is to simply capitalize.

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