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Jam Out! Twitter to Help You Remember Music

Ever hear a new song on the radio or get a recommendation from a friend about some music you ‘must hear’ but by the time you get home to check it out, your memory fails? Well fail no longer, Twitter has stepped in to help you not only recall what you want to listen to, they will keep a running playlist accessible.

Sndchck uses APIs and other tools to help users create a playlist of song titles you want to hear. For instance, you want to check out the new Justin Bieber song (or not) so you tweet

@[Your Twitter Handle] Justin Bieber @sndchck.

When you can access your computer later, sign in to and log in via your Twitter account. The playlist you have created will list all of the songs by the artist that are available.

The sndchck website is very simple and provides real-time examples of how to send out the tweet for yourself. You can also tweet band or artist names to your friend’s accounts and the artists you select for them will be added to their playlists.

TargetSpot, the development team behind the music tool has stated that they plan to continue fixing bugs and will be adding new features to the site in the near future. If you are looking for a cool way to find new bands or at least remember the ones you already like, try it out on your next venture on Twitter.

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  1. So is this a standalone tool or does it belong to twitter? I’d say the title is a bit misleading

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