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Is It Necessary to Share Everything on Facebook?

Social media did not always put people out there in such a way that strangers could find out anything they want about us. In fact, when Facebook first went “public” after the Ivy League colleges in the US had access, only a few universities were given access at a time. As the popularity grew, just like social networks before it, users became bolder and careless with what they put out there for anybody to see.

Facebook was not meant for users to be able to share everything. There are things you just should not share on Facebook. Frustrated with work? Posting publically on Facebook about it might get you fired. Going out of town? By posting when you will not be home may be enough information for a criminal to take the opportunity to break in while you are away. As you can see, posting everything and anything on Facebook publically may not be the smartest idea.

We spend so much time on Facebook, it might be time to start thinking about whether or not social media in general is ruining our lives. Is Facebook ruining them all by itself? Not necessarily, but it is part of the overall problem of where the technology age has taken us. We seem to always be connected now through our phones and tablets. WiFi is never too far away. We can share our lives in ways through text and pictures in ways that were not possible just a few short years ago. But does that mean we should?

Is Facebook Ruining Our Lives? – An infographic by the team at Who Is Hosting


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  1. it has become a trend but its not necessary share everything on facebook

  2. Hi nice one and I don’t think that everything should gets shared on Facebook, thanks for sharing the nice one.

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