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How Pete Ashton Found A Plumber On Twitter?

plumber_image_shutterstockSocial media is proving to be an incredible thing all the time. On it, you can get the opinions of thousands of people in an instant, if you know what you are doing. Recently, Pete Ashton was on the Internet trying to find a plumber, when an idea came to his mind. He attempted to use Twitter to find the perfect professional for his problem.

He posted, “Need a good #plumber. Does anyone have any recommendations for Corgi?”

Walking away for a few moments, he decided to check on our plumbing issue to reassess it and when he returned, he found a string of recommendations from those around him who had plumbers that they preferred in the area.

So what was the benefit of this? To begin with, he was able to get an impression of what plumber companies people trusted. These were real people providing their opinions on a powerful social media website. He began to explore the most popular suggestions and before he knew it, he had scheduled an appointment with one company that seemed to be highly recommended and his search results provided plenty of positive hits.


The general experience with the plumber was satisfactory. Not only were they professionally dressed, but also they quickly assessed the situation and gave him an accurate quote and completed the repairs in almost no time at all. Needless to say, he was pleased with the service he received.

While he was finalizing payment and the plumber was gathering up his tools, the plumber asked him how he had discovered his business. His wife chimed in that they had taken to the Internet and found them to be a highly recommended plumber based, on what others were saying. Pete Ashton quickly added that the internet resource he used to find him was Twitter and so unlike many of the fake reviews out there, he felt he could trust the recommendations of others as they were provided to them by live and real users.

This impressed the plumber and he thanked Pete Ashton for his time. Hopefully, the plumber was proactive with this marketing tool and has taken the chance to use the power of Twitter to take his business to the next level. After all, in modern society, we all are relying more on the powerful things that the Internet can do for us.


From this entire story, I realized twitter is a powerful tool and we could start using this tool to help us find additional recommendations in the future, no matter what our needs are. This would make hunting for things like doctors, dentists, carpenters and other professionals easier, all while saving time having to search through endless of amounts of information, hoping that the information we are finding actually reflects the services that we will receive from these professionals.

Tauseef Hussain is a full time blogger and writes for QS Taps Shop, the on-line store for designer brassware. Tauseef got really impressed with the story of Pete Ashton of finding a plumber on twitter and he decided to write an article on this topic. You can interact with Tauseef on twitter @usef4u

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  1. Find the best plumber, tell your friends about your day, and listen to the latest ramblings from your favorite celebrity all in one place! Twitter really is a curious and versatile site. I seem to remember seeing other stories like this of people using it to track down their missing car or find obscure items they couldn’t find anywhere else or whatnot.

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