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Google + Carves a New Path for Google

Social networking sites have been dominating the internet for over a decade now. These sites such like Facebook and MySpace bring people from all over the globe together in a format that allows users to share anything from their life stories to their pictures. The race to be the best social networking site has just introduced a new player: Google +.  Even though you thought the battle was over with Facebook and Twitter, Google + believes that it has entered the race at the perfect time after watching its competitors make a string of mistakes.

Google brought in heavy-hitter Andy Hertzfeld as the lead designer of this project. Part of the original team for Apple/Macintosh design, Hertzfeld has a strong record of accomplishment that he brought to the table when designing Google +. Google + focuses all interactions on the “circles” feature. This feature allows users to add certain people to different circles, therefore, compartmentalizing their interactions. This makes up for the rampant issues with Facebook’s security.

Many users complain that their pictures and posts have cost them their livelihood in part due to the negligence of Facebook and mostly because of the carelessness of the user. This is because Facebook is constantly changing their security processes, leaving users vulnerable to sharing things they do not want some people to see. The circle feature allows users to choose what information is shared with each circle individually. It is like having separate profiles for work, friends, family, and more. This unique design is one that may take a little getting used to for many social network users, but the safety and security may prove worth the adjustments in the end.

Google + is getting more notoriety for its design than Google has ever received for any other project that it has undertaken. Google + is currently in limited release and is allowing a period of beta testing to ensure that it is fully ready when it hits the market. The design for the site has been carefully orchestrated and clearly brings Google in as a contender to the social networking frame. The design of Google + is just a start in the redesigning of many other Google operations, meaning the company needs to appeal to the up-and-coming  designers, ensuring their product is the best. Gmail, Google Search, and Google Calendar have recently launched well-received new designs.


The positive point of the whole brand that Google has created is that it does not matter what they release, they will always get thousands of users. However, when they have a great idea and pull in the right design team, Google will know that their reputation will be boosted, and the market understands that history is about to be created. Google has clearly set its sights on capturing a large section of the market from Facebook and Twitter with the view to overtaking it one day. If it is successful, not only will Google make a killing but the future of social networking will change.

This article was written by Kristian part of the RFK Solutions Ltd content development team. RFK Solutions are a Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation company based in Scotland, UK.

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  1. I really like the circle idea and you’re right the design is beautiful, very clean unlike the clutter Facebook has become so I give Google+ a ++ hehehe

  2. Hi! I also like the Circles feature of Google +. It’s cool looking and clean. I think it’s a good idea that they do their best to make it as simple as possible.
    Although it still has a long way to go, I have a feeling that Google has finally gotten it right with Google + as more and more are starting to like it.
    For me, it’s a welcome change from FB who has gotten a bit overcrowded.

  3. Steffanie Jul 21st 2011

    Hello I agree with you Theresa Me too i like to use Google + yes it look simple and very basic when you use it.and about the Facebook i agree it’s very much crowded even kids has an Facebook.

  4. On Google+, you put the people of your life’s different social circles into — well, into circles. That is, groups. From now on, every time we share something — we can specify exactly which circles receive it. So according to me Google+ is way better than Facebook,

  5. Google is trending its search towards social media instead of simple seo. They will obselete facebook results from SERP’s and instead they will focus more on indulging Google+ results in SERP’s as a result they would force individual users to join Google+. This is all story, am I rite?

  6. lizamonaliza95 Jul 22nd 2011

    I am wondering what will be the outcome with this Social networking wars, Facebook won against MySpace, Twitter and Friendster. Will Google + do the same this time bringing down Facebook?

  7. One thing to mention, the rate at which google+1 has hit 10 million users is amazing, it took a fraction of teh time facebook/myspace or twitter did, lets keep watching this space.

  8. This Google+ is definitely a great hit from Google. It’s set a new way for Google to crumble the domination of Facebook in social media world.

  9. I would like to choose GOOGLE as my highest page rank in network!

  10. I totally agree with Shikha Google has the highest page rank and Alexa rank in the internet. they are the one who are in charge in changing the algorithm of each site.

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