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For Google, 13 is a Very Lucky Number

13 years may not seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things, but in internet years, it’s a lifetime. Consider this; 13 years ago, in 1998, Bill Clinton was President, AOL was still king of the internet, Yahoo had the lion’s share of search engine usage, Windows ’98 was just being released, Netscape was still a contender in the browser wars, and some new search site called Google had just become available. And Google, as it stands today, seems to be the only constant from then until now, and with those 6 little letters, the company has changed the face of computing, the internet, and telecommunications forever.

As most internet users know, Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University in 1996 (the service was originally called BackRub.) In 1998, they changed the name to Google, incorporated the company, and the rest is search engine history. However, what no one knew 13 years ago was that Google was poised to not only dominate the world of search results, but the entire internet landscape. Google quickly rose to popularity due to its amazing ability to return extremely relevant search results at lightening speed, and today, the company’s name has even become a verb used in everyday speech, as in, “Google it.”

But what’s truly amazing about Google is that they succeeded where most companies fail; they branched out. Often times, we find that when a company does something right, they begin to think they can do other things right. As a result, they begin to branch out into other industries and markets, and soon, they find that instead of doing one thing and doing it well, they are doing many things and none of them well. Google, however, has beaten this curse by doing many things and doing them all well. Aside from their search engine services, which continue to be the reigning champ in most people’s minds, they’ve introduced other services, such as Gmail, Gchat, Google Images, Google AdSense, Google Maps, Google Earth, and most recently, Google+.

The remarkable thing about Google’s success is their unique approach to things. Instead of trying to cram a million features into one service, they have opted to allow users to take advantage of multiple, smaller services. Unlike other internet giants, most of which try to include all of their features into one application, Google has chosen to offer all of their services as separate entities while tying them all together in one account, meaning users can pick and choose which services to have available at one time. Taking this approach is certainly part of the company’s success, as users no longer have to battle cumbersome, process intensive web apps in order to have access to Google’s amazing services.

As Google looks back at 13 years of incredible achievement, it’s certain that the company can rest easy in their accomplishments; however, with Google’s still emerging Android phone technology, its Google+ social networking service, and other exciting Google products in development, the internet can be sure that Google will continue to innovate and create for many years to come.For Google, 13 is a Very Lucky Number

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  1. When languages (and not only English, since many of them have done so) acquire your “brand” as a word – in this case a verb “to google”, there is no price tag on that!

    This cannot be done artificially. This is a true proof about how great Google really is!

  2. Google has certainly cast it’s net over the internet, and has forever changed the way we do business on the internet too. Has it all been positive? For the most part, sure. Does anybody worry that someday the government will use big “G” data to spy on us? No, I’m not a conspiracy nut, just a realist. Great article Janice, thanks for reminding us how long ago this phenomenon started..I feel so old!

  3. What is meant by number 13 . I think that it is the number of employees who are against to Google . Otherwise it is not a humungous number .

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