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Facebook Got a NEW Facelift

Have You Noticed Changes to Facebook’s News Feed Recently?

Have you noticed lately in Facebook that you are only receiving comments or updates from the same people? In the News Feed, you now only see posts from people that you interact with on a regular basis.

If you haven’t made a comment, looked at a person’s profile often or clicked “like” on a comment of certain people, you might have been wondering why you haven’t seen their name in the News Feed lately. Why did Facebook not make this a public fact? Without knowing about the changes, some people may have assumed certain friends deleted them until they verified their friends list.

It comes down to personal preference; you may like the default being set to show only updates from those friends you interact with regularly. Some may want to see updates from all friends. If you only have a few Facebook friends, it may not take much effort to scroll through all of the updates. Many people are Facebook friends with those that graduated from High School or college with or are only acquaintances with, but only have a few friends that they actually care to stay in touch with. In that scenario, those Facebook users may prefer to keep the new default setting as it is.

There is a Help Center in Facebook that explains how you can control what you see in the News Feed. To hide a person or story type such as a quiz, you can click on the “x” that appears when you hover over a story you want to remove from your stream. You are then presented with a drop-down menu that gives you the option to hide the post, hide all from that particular person, hide by application type or mark as spam.

If you do not like the new change to the News Feed in which you only see posts from those you interact with regularly, you can change it. You change it by scrolling down to the bottom of the News Feed homepage, click on “edit options”, click on post “show posts from” and change the setting to “all of your friends and pages”.

Some of the visible changes that Facebook has made are probably beneficial to many. You can now click on a picture and it opens a pop-up instead of taking you to the page of the picture. This is one of the nice visible changes; it keeps you from having to scroll back through previously read updates after stopping to look at a picture. The fan page design now reflects the way profiles look and gives Facebook a more consistent design end-to-end.

It is nice to know that Facebook users still have control over many personalized settings.

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  1. I’m on facebook everyday, and I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before. Quite Surprised actually.

    Think I’m going to use this new feature actually, makes a change.

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