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Embrace The Social Noise – Listen to your Consumers

In an age where “friends” are found on Facebook and “tweets” are not simply sounds that birds emit, it is imperative for any successful business to embrace all avenues of social media. From Facebook and Twitter to Yelp and YouTube, research has shown that approximately 67% of Internet users regularly participate in some form of social networking. This realization epitomizes the need for all businesses to engage social network sites in order to gain consumer feedback, as well as increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Here are three easy ways for businesses to connect with consumers and earn life-long customers through social media outlets and online survey software.

1. Connect with Customers

Good news for businesses: social media is an economical and direct way to reach out to current and potential customers. With software such as the Facebook Like Button plug-in, it’s easy for a customer to move back and forth between a brand’s website and his or her own social media sites.

For instance, a customer can visit the Levi’s website and hit the “Like” button displayed below a photo of a specific style of jeans. With the Facebook Like Button plug-in, the information will automatically be transferred to the user’s Facebook profile, thus generating brand and product awareness throughout the user’s entire Facebook network without the user ever having left the Levi’s website.

Businesses should then use these direct connections to listen to what their target audience is saying about the brand’s products, services, and competitors.

2. Increase Customer Service and Satisfaction

Social media sites act as a forum in which sellers and consumers can engage in a meaningful dialogue about the products and services offered. However, once a business has established a presence among an array of social media sites, it is important to evaluate the many comments and concerns generated by customers. It would be a costly mistake to react to the whim of every consumer. That’s where online survey software comes in handy.

Taking the pulse of the target audience through online surveys allows a business to create and implement an educated strategy that delivers impact. Additionally, online surveys are typically customized to meet each specific business needs, asking the right questions and generating helpful responses from the target audience. By sifting through the information at hand and responding in a thoughtful manner, businesses will be able to amplify customer service and satisfaction.

3. Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Now that the customers are happy, keep them happy with special offers and giveaways. Who doesn’t appreciate discounted prices or free stuff? Creating excitement on social media sites fosters customer interaction, as well as repeat business and referral opportunities.

It’s also of paramount importance for a business to consistently update their social media channels with new product information or company accomplishments. Keep customers coming back for life by keeping the brand fresh and relevant.

Social media sites and online survey software are a company’s best friends! With these tools, businesses are able to create and connect with a broad client base, raise brand awareness, increase customer service and satisfaction, and cultivate lifelong customers.

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