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Do You Make the Most of Twitter? Buffer Helps [Review]

BufferIf you want to make it big on Twitter, you will find thousands of different pieces of advice to achieve it. One point, which appears particularly often is the power of consistent and sustainable tweeting – no matter what.

Given the dynamic and liveliness of Twitter this is not something to be achieved easily. So let me therefore introduce you to a new Twitter App called Buffer, which will help you accomplish exactly that in the easiest possible way.

In short

Buffer lets you add many tweets at once and then spreads them out over the course of the day. You can put 10 tweets into your Buffer and the app will in return tweet them well spread out over the course of the day.

Step 1: Throw a few tweets in your Buffer

The easiest way to put tweets into your Buffer is by using one of the browser extensions. Whenever you come across an article you like, you click the Buffer icon.

Then Buffer, by default, suggests you the text and the link of the site you are on. You can edit the tweet some more or simply hit “add to Buffer” right away.

See an example of Ann’s post below:

Step 2: What happens when I buffered tweets?

Once you “added to Buffer” your tweet is scheduled for you in your Buffer account. It will go out to your followers during the day.

Buffer makes it super simple as you can set fixed daily tweeting times. There is no need to schedule each tweet individually, like you would do with other tweet scheduling services.

You can always change your daily tweeting times. Here are mine:

Step 3: Track your impact

Buffer has also just launched an analytics feature, which will help you to track the impact for your tweets. It shows you the retweets of all your tweets sent via Buffer. The service will have click rate and other handy insights ready real soon too.

Why would I want to use Buffer?

If you are having similar habits like me, reading many great blogposts every day and trying to get the most out of Twitter, Buffer is a must have for your toolkit.

What really differentiates Buffer to other Twitter Apps, is that adding and buffering tweets is super simple. Yet you share great articles with your followers consistently all day.

I also want to point out that Buffer is no “instead of Tweetdeck or Hootsuite” tool. It’s main purpose is to maintain a more consistent personality on Twitter.

You should try out Buffer and let me know your views below. I am very curious if you find it useful too.

Leo Widrich: I love to write about Social Media, especially Twitter Tools and Tips. Hit me up @LeoWid anytime. Or read more Twitter tips here.

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18 Replies

  1. I have not tried it yet. I have not logged in on Twitter for long time. If you said that twitter buffer can help, I will try it.

  2. Awesome, really great to hear. Yep, I believe Buffer can really help you to get back in the swing on Twitter. Simply throw a few tweets in and see how it goes. Hope you can let me know your views on it :).

  3. Rob Q. Mar 24th 2011

    Buffer looks really promising. I just set up an account and installed the chrome extension and wanted to test it on this blog post (send a tweet from here using buffer) but am receiving a jquery timeout error message using the buffer extension on this page. Anyone else have that same issue? The extension seems to work on other pages I tried just after this one so not sure what’s up with the site/extension playing nice.

  4. Hi Rob many thanks for your comment,

    many thanks for the heads up, it is really quite weird why it happens on this site. We haven’t found an explanation for it yet. It’s just like you said it works fine on any other page, but here it somehow isn’t working properly.

    Really glad you like Buffer Rob and that you help us spreading the word. It’s very much appreciated :).

    All I am left to say is, keep on Buffering!

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