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Digg FireFox Extension: Browse Digg within Your Browser

Digg FireFox Extension

There are not really many good Digg tools to play with and the following one is a nice exception from the rules:

Digg FireFox Extension offers an array if options which make web browsing enjoyable.

Submit to Digg

The extension adds one more menus option to your browser (which more space-saving than a toolbar). When viewing the page you want to share on Digg, click it and instantly submit to Digg:

Digg extension - submit

View current page Digg Stats

If the page is already on Digg, the same menus option will display how many votes and comments the submission currently has:

Digg submission - votes

View Popular, Upcoming, Top, and Hot Stories

All stories also shows the digg and comment count and the lists update in real time! Clicking any story opens the story in a new tab:

Digg extension - view

Discover new content on the web

The tool also adds some SU-feel to Digg allowing you to click through random story on Digg when you are bored or stuck:

Digg extension - random

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