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Celebrities Make More Sending a Tweet Than You Make in a Month

Twitter is not just a popularity contest to see how many followers you can amass – it’s also a way to make money. People who already have huge followings are finding Twitter an easy to keep in touch with their fans. They’re also being paid to send ads by advertisers who want to reach those fans.

For example, this dish network retailer wanted to get TV stars to tweet about people’s TV watching habits. The approach worked and has brought visibility.

This article asks how many tweets a celebrity needs to send to buy themselves a house and pokes good fun at the whole idea of getting paid to tweet. Some are making $140 per word in that 140 character or less tweet. Whether they go through a broker like, Sponsored Tweets or another service or go direct, that’s a lot of cash!

If they go through a broker, celebrities (or even non-celebrities) do not get the amount paid by the advertiser. I get half and who knows what exact percentage they get. Still, that’s a lot of cash for not a lot of work. And there’s also the question if every celebrity discloses they are getting paid in some way from the tweet. However, the really good guys know their audience and will put your ad in their own words in a way that fits and try not to be too annoying about it (or overdo it).

How you know you’re really big-time is that when you want to see what the price is per tweet, the message is to call for details. I tried that with Sponsored Tweets and they never called back. Maybe it’s their way of saying you can’t afford it any way. Sort of like restaurants that don’t print prices on the menu. Yes I think it’s overblown and obnoxious. I think many should lower their price, get more offers and only choose to tweet the ones they can really get behind.

Remember, Twitter ads aren’t always just an ad like you’re used to seeing – a pitch to buy something. It could be a sponsored conversation starter or question. It could be to check out a video or some other content that the audience cares about.

I looked at some exact figures  for a few of the high priced celebrities on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian – Price said to be 10K, but shows 0 opps taken

BobVilacom  $9,750.00 – at least 3 opps

hollymadison123  $2,500.00 – has taken 3 opps

As for me, I’ve made about $100 tweeting. I’ve turned down several offers that just didn’t fit my audience, but I have taken a few offers. No one has sent me hate tweets and people are just as unlikely to unfollow me for tweeting too much or for other reasons as they are when I send an ad. What I have to say is, it’s not easy to pick the right people for a brand (which is decidedly not Holly Madison) – it takes a bit more work than writing 140 characters.

Eric Rea is a 24 year old college student who loves the outdoors and sports. He also has a passion for blogging and social media.

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