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Between Spam and Effective Internet Marketing

Any brilliant marketing genius is aware that spamming and his/her advertising methods intersect at a very narrow space and separating this distinction throughout the marketing process is vital. We’re all very familiar with spam, but is it the effort of the marketer’s work that is landing there?

Spam is simply the overflowing image we get from our residence mailboxes. Spam is simply an unauthorized breach of personal privacy, targeting your mailbox through mass mailing tactics often used by advertisers in a seriously insane campaign. So what’s the difference between internet marketing and spam? Let’s find out below.

Let’s consider message boards as an excellent place to start internet marketing journey. Message boards are very useful for network building purposes. You can also find individuals who also write in your niche. Internet marketers can take advantage of message boards by responding, connecting, and exchanging information. However, message boards come with strict guidelines which, if breached, can lead to your immediate ban without warning.

Message boards are very useful in connecting with a specialized audience, allowing the marketer to sell to that audience. This target audience also provides ways of improving your niche product, subsequently giving you the advantage of customization and modification that will eventually allow you to sell better. With a large audience in your grasp, you can begin further marketing tactics like lengthy connections through other channels such as twitter, Facebook, linkedin, myspace, and other social networking outlets. Internet marketers must be careful not to bombard these channels with links, for you’ll be regarded as spam immediately causing your product and individual reputation to dwindle into non-existence.

With a solid reputation intact throughout the internet marketer’s proliferation over social bookmarking and forum channels, the next step is simple–E-Newsletters and e-mail advertising. Can you believe what I found? A website with a downloadable list of 100,000+ valid emails, dentist e-mail databases, etc.. in one file? If you use these methods to spam these individuals with your product, you’ll not only infuriate someone, but you’ll develop very bad brand reputation. You may even get sued, check out – a lawyer who lives off suing spammers. If you take the spamming route, you’ll be immediately reported and quickly blacklisted and place on immediate delete–your e-mails would never have existed. I suggest only sending e-newsletters to those individuals who have agreed to it, are aware of it, and would like more information on the developments of your products and services.

As you can see, there’s a thin line that separates effective internet marketing and destructive spamming. Be influential, build an effective brand reputation by participating in niche forums, exchanging information, answering questions, making contacts and connecting with individuals through social networking websites and you’ll develop an unforgettable and rewarding enterprise.

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  1. With so many amateurs posting what passes for information on the web, it’s refreshing to see a great article written by someone that actually knows what they’re talking about. I haven’t seen detailed information like this anywhere else on the web. Internet Marketing

  2. hello ann,
    first thanks for the great post. i think that the difference between marketing and spamming is the quality of the text that you distribute. for me it doesn’t matter if the marketer is using a spinning and distribution software that can distribute hundreds of articles/day or writing unique articles and distribute it by hand to the directories also the same for forum posting. what makes the difference between the good marketer is not the technique or the tool , the difference is to add value to the internet and produce high quality,readable and informative text.

  3. spammers are best when it comes to internet marketing and no plugin will stop them by spaming

  4. Hi Ann, thanks for sharing this topic and I see you picked a great topic. Spamming in today’s time is really a plague and need to be tackelt where possible. Great job you did with this article. I was as well busy to write something about effective Internet Marketing… Have a look and would appreaciate a comment!

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