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App Which Makes Facebook Act Like Your Memory After A Friday Night

Every-one’s done it, every-one’s regretted doing it but very few of us have been glad we’ve done it and we’re certainly never proud of doing it. I know some-one who even did it to his boss and was surprised to find that they didn’t have a job the next day, they didn’t remember doing it at all.

Drunk Dialing is the bane of the life of the heavy drinking working classes of the twenty first century, sending incredibly stupid texts, tweets and Facebook updates while plastered. If you’re lucky they will be so unintelligible that the recipient won’t be able to understand a damn word of what you’re trying to say. Ever tried to read one of your own back the next day? That erudite and phenomenally witty, cutting, clever text you thought you sent? Utter nonsense! At least if you’re lucky, that drunken text that got sent to the boss, apart from a few spelling and grammar mistakes was totally coherent, hence his sacking.

There’s not much you can do about the texts you send direct to some-one else’ number but now at least there is something you can do about the things you say on your shared social media while three sheets to the wind.

Last Night Never Happened is a new iPhone app which you can set to automatically delete all the embarrassing messages you sent during your period of inebriation. The app has been made to save the face of the alcoholically disadvantaged by going back over your social status updates and deleting them, it also takes down your ill judged photos, comments, tweets and messages.

A real social life saver! And using the app is simple too, even simple enough to use while on the verge of paralytics. All you need do is punch it, I mean punch in the time you started getting on one and the little fella starts going over all the data you posted up on Twitter and Facebook in the time since then and tears it all down, according to the people at 22Seeds who built it. The app can replace the text it deletes with something more appropriate, a personalised apology perhaps, explaining that the original message has now been deleted and sorely regretted.

The app costs £1.19 from the App Store and, if used in conjunction with another app called dignity, could make you absolutely bullet proof!

Dignity is an app which conceals certain numbers for the period of 24 hours. No crying down the phone to your ex at half past two in the morning, no abusive texts to your boss (see above) telling him exactly what you think of them after you’ve been stewing on the sauce for a few hours on a Friday night.

Hell, you’ll be so invisible it’ll be like you left your phone at home for the night!

Of course, all we need now is an app which allows you to hold your camera phone up and see some-one as they really are instead of how they appear after three rounds of shots yet when it takes their photo it transforms them into that gorgeous person instead of the absolute horror-show that they really are!

Dan Cash is a copywriter, and we all know their reputation, who writes reviews on things like computer parts and desktop PCs. Knowing Dan, this app couldn’t have come any sooner!

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