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9 Reasons To Use WordPress

You’ve heard again and again that having your own website and/or blog is essential to maintaining operational success. After all, it’s through online content that you are able to expand your brand awareness. So the question is, do you host your own site or do you let someone else host it for you?


If so, which service provider do you partner with? Fortunately, there are more than a few website hosting providers for you to choose from, but we must confess, WordPress has definitely become an industry leader. Here’s a quick look at nine reasons you should choose WordPress as your host for online content.

1) You can take your content anywhere

Being that WordPress is completely web-based, you can access all of your online content no matter where you’re at.

If you want to perform an update, add a blog posting, or even redo your entire site, you can easily access your WordPress account to make as many changes as you want from any computer, tablet, or smartphone that has access to the Internet.

2) You don’t have to be a coding geek

Don’t know how to use HTML editing software? That’s no problem. With WordPress, you can easily upload images, videos, texts, and other files without the need of FTP or HTML software.

3) There are thousands of plugins to choose from

Want to make your WordPress site extra fancy? That’s great, and with the thousands of plugins available for WordPress, you should have no problem finding a template and theme that work perfectly for your company and marketing purposes.

4) Google is going to love you

Because the coding is already done for you, your WordPress site will be absolutely loved by Google. There’s no need to worry about changing the coding to make your site responsive because it already will be, and this means that Google will not only read your site but index it, as well, thus giving you better search engine rankings.

5) You don’t have to worry about getting scammed

When you sign up for a WordPress account, you can rest assured that your money will be well spent. After all, WordPress has never been known for scamming its customers.

6) You receive optimal support

Because WordPress is so established, it has the ability to provide optimal support around the clock. Whether you need help adding a blog posting or changing the ALT tags for your site, WordPress support specialists are ready to be of assistance.

7) Work as a team

WordPress allows you to add administrators to your account, meaning you can have other people help manage your site for you.

8) Extremely simple to navigate

When working with WordPress, most of the terms and features are spelled out in simple-to-understand terms, making it easy for you to add content, delete content, and make other changes to your website and blog.

9) It’s free

Best of all, WordPress is free to use. This means you can create your own site without having to dish out a single dollar. When it comes to promoting your company, you can’t go wrong with a WordPress site.

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