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4 Best Websites and Tools for Summer Traveling

Do you prefer thongs over Ugg boots? Fresh chilled tropical juice over hot chocolate? Sunbathing over snow gliding? You are not alone as there are more and more people wanting to escape the winter season and to somewhere hot and humid called tropical paradise. But with may options to choose from, where exactly do you begin? And how can you enjoy that summer vacation without breaking the bank? Here are some helpful websites that you can pop over to for  the best summer vacation deals as well as smart travel tips.

1. offers holiday packages to make that dream vacation hassle-free. From flights, hotels and activities, they got it all for you. All you need is to put a tick on your preferences and Expedia calculates the total for you, usually cheaper than when you buy each item individually. Reviews from fellow travelers are also available for you to learn from so it is wise to spend time browsing through them as you might find something relevant.

2. Yahoo! Travel may have started out as a search engine but is now a provider of almost any information you need. Its Yahoo travel web page is full of travel ideas and helpful articles that are categorized according to seasons. So go check out the Summer page to see the most popular cities people flock to when the mercury rises. It features travel stories from people complete with photos and relevant links. It also provides links to current promotions and travel package deals that may just be the right one for you.

3. TravelMuse offers themed travel ideas including beach vacations that other people have made and TravelMuse suggests. This site is actually a tool to help you plan out your itinerary by collecting all the information you got such as maps, web pages and photos. You just need to download the TravelMuse book marker and save your files there. As you go along creating your ideal summer vacation, Travel Muse gives you recommendations and tips to give you more ideas. You can even collaborate with your travel buddies or family and share the finished plans with them with a .pdf guide.

4. Deal Base is an aggregator site that lets you compare the latest hotel deals available. It only covers the USA, Mexico and the Carribean, yes the Carribean where some of the best beaches in the world are located. Deal Base does the job for you of locating where the good deals to be had are in an organized manner to make your choice process easy peasy. It also provides transparent comments from previous customers to give you more ideas of what the hotel is like and most especially the quality of the service of the staff. So check out Deal Base the next time you head for that summer vacation as you may just score a good deal that is way too good to pass.

??Katie is a travel blogger for Sell My Timeshare, the regularly updated blog on traveling. “Sell My Timeshare” offers reliable information and timeshare tips for free.

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