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15 of the Funniest Tumblr Sites Out There

Blogging is becoming ever more popular and, as a result, people are beginning to realise that a successful blog doesn’t necessarily need to be an intellectual or complex one. Some of the best (and extremely funny) blogs can be found on microblogging platform, Tumblr – where the premise is simple, but the results can be huge. Take a look through these brilliantly funny Tumblr blogs that have taken such simple and extremely niche ideas, and made an entire blog out of them.

The Content Farm

Based on the poorly written content you can often find on low quality websites, or in many entries. The Content Farm is full of hilarious, genius, weird and deliberately crap articles. You’ll find guides that cover a wide range of topics, such as how to find gold, how to hunt a bear and how to even remind yourself that you’re alive.

I love Charts

I love Charts is basically a blog with many charts, if you hadn’t of guessed. Imagine if you charted everything in your life, and then decided to put it on a blog. That’s pretty much what this blog is. ILC features a mixture of the trivial and the genuinely interesting. After reading, you’ll start seeing the world in chart-form, just wait and see.

Breaded Cats

Have you ever wondered what your cat would look like with bread around its head? No we hadn’t either until we stumbled across this hilarious blog. Probably the simplest concept of them all; however; you’ll want to avoid scrolling through these pictures of “breaded cats” on public transport, as you’ll spend most of the time trying not to laugh to loud.

Dogs waiting for their humans

As far as animal-themed blogs go, this one goes off the charts in the cute-o-meter. All the images were taken by the same guy who noticed how adorable (and quite funny) dogs looked when they were left waiting for their owners. Needless to say – this is what the entire blog is based on!

I don’t care about your boyfriend

Next time you update your Facebook status about how much you adore your other half – just keep in mind someone could easily screen shot your gushy comment and upload here. Based on someone’s absolute hatred for soppy romantics, this blog is totally cringe-inducing.

Hotties from History

You know when you usually look through vintage photographs and realise how the human race looked a little different, and ‘off’ back in the day? – Well you won’t be thinking that whilst browsing through this blog. Hotties from History features the kind of beauty that many of today’s hipsters strive to look like.

The Lisa Simpson book club

Ever wondered how Lisa Simpson got so smart? Well, just have a look through her book collection and you’ll soon understand. The inventiveness of the original animators has to be commended; some titles are so bizarre and clever, that they deserve to be shown off on a frame.

Selleck, Waterfall, Sandwich

For those among us who enjoy the acting skills of Tom Selleck, as well as a nice sandwich; all the while finding that waterfalls are very pretty – this is the blog for you. The blog consists specifically of photoshopped images that merge all these attributes together.

Awkward Stock Photos

This is a site that anyone who works in the design or photography industry will love. It completely exposes all those terrible, poorly considered stock photos that leave you feeling a little awkward, rather than inspired. The reason this blog is so successful? Because there are so many examples out there.

Panda loves to Party

Who’d have thought Pandas were so expressive? Apparently they are, because this entire blog is dedicated to them and their lovely little faces when something nice happens.

Food on my Dog

Very similar in concept to the Breaded Cats blog above – but this time you get to see the canine side of the coin. This blog is adorably funny, and will have you sharing with pretty much everyone you know. Why? Because it’s so ridiculous, it’s awesome.

Kids Casting

You know in films when the protagonist has a flash back, and some cleverly casted child is brought in to portray the Hollywood A-Lister? Well this blog keeps record of these moments. Some are hilariously bad, while others are surprisingly impressive.

Lesbians who look like Justin Beiber

This blog is full of submissions from women who think they resemble the teen pop sensation. The weird thing is – some of them do look scarily alike. So alike, in fact, that you can’t even tell the difference at times.

Tastefully Offensive

If you’re after a reliable source of daily funny-stuff, this is the blog for you. It’s updated every day with various hilarious bits and bobs found from here and there. If you like to laugh, you’ll like this one.

Unhappy Hipsters

This Tumblr blog highlights “the loneliness of the modern world” (their words not ours). Scroll through the cleverly selected images of people in nice buildings and it will get you thinking. This is a funny blog for the intellectuals among us.

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  1. I really like the Breaded Cats blog. I mean I checked it out and these cats are just hilarious. Great list as well.. I will check them all out.

  2. Nice post
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  3. Ha ha Ha those Tumblr Blogs are really funny, that justin bieber one was awesome..!! Justin would think, how much people think about him in reverse direction!!

  4. Just funny. “I colour my hair because I want to look natural”
    When I was born I had no hair. My parents thought I’ll never have any. When I was one year old I still didn’t have any. Then around the age of three I started growing peach fuzz and at five years of age I grew real hair. When I turned 25, I started to lose my hair again and within two years I was bald once more. I only had some hair above my ears and on the back of my neck. Here is the kicker:I bought a rug for the missing areas only. The following year, I went completely grey.

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