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Zynga Gets Fancy New HQ Offices in San Francisco

zynga time travel tube

The "time travel" tube at Zynga's headquarters

Zynga, the social gaming giant behind Mafia Farms, FarmVille, and Words With Friends moved its over 1,500 staff members to its brand new offices in San Francisco earlier this 2011.

Located at 699 8th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, the new Zynga headquarters are huge and snazzy, just a small sample the “time travel” tube pictured above has over 20,000 programmable LED lights. So the light tunnel can be programmed from red…

…to blue…

zynga tube blue

…to green!

zynga tube green

The new offices span over 6 floors, each one of them with a food court and snack bar area.

zynga 6-floor offices

Here is a birdeye’s view from the second floor, nicknamed “The Hammer Head” by Zynga staff.

zynga hq second floor

Even in the more “formal” areas it is not possible not to run into characters from Mafia Wars or FarmVille.

zynga office staff working

mafia wars 2

Zynga’s work environment is very pet friendly because the company is named after CEO Mark Pincus’ late American Bulldog, Zinga. Therefore it is not a surprise that the new building is nicknamed as the The Dog House and employees are allowed to bring pets to work on certain days.

zynga staff with dogs

Founded back in July 2007, the social gaming startup has come a long way as it is serving currently 232 million monthly active users? and 60 million daily active users (as of the time this article was written, according to company website).

Images: Mashable and Fortune.

By Damian Davila, blogger covering social media startups at (Ideas and Concepts). You can read more articles from Damian at SexySocialMedia here. Follow him on Twitter at @idaconcpts.

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  1. I am interesteed in the photos of the Zynga headquarters. We did a lot of the interior art work and I am trying to soruce up our website. Do you have access to some of the shots you have here in hight resolution? If so might I be able to use them and link to your site?

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