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Yahoo!’s Got Answers, Facebook’s Got Questions

Imagine having 500 million brains contemplating your questions of the day. How sweet would it be to gain knowledge with a few finger punches? Well now any Facebook user can know exactly what it feels like by using a new feature called Facebook Questions.

Similar to Yahoo! Answers where commentators can add their two cents to questions or advice sought from other users, Facebook Questions allows you to ask the community-at-large any question and receive feedback from around the world.

On your Facebook homepage click the ‘Ask Question’ button and ask away but do remember that the questions you pose are open to everyone and anywhere on the Internet. Too much personal information can cause calamity so stick with general questions. The audience will be able to answer you back and the probability is high that each question will generate more than a handful of answers.

So what’s in a question? Obviously questions come in all sizes and shapes. Maybe you are a visitor in a new city and need to find somewhere fun to spend an afternoon. Facebook Questions community readers who live in the vicinity can help solve your travel questions.

Of course the usefulness of the Facebook feature is yet to be determined but with the millions of loyal Facebook users still logging on, it’s a good bet you won’t be able to resist testing the waters. Chances are even better you’ll be tuning in to see what questions are being posed and how you can help.

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  1. Yahoo answers, in my book, is one of Yahoo’s most successful ventures. They have grown a huge community there. I am happy that they will be retaining that after Bing’s merger. Further, their answer pages show up in google search.

    Facebook Questions, sounds like a great idea. I think it will work for them. Smart move. Do you know if the FB questions are going to be showing up in Google search?

  2. Im agree with “Thos003”
    Yahoo answer is great source and well-known for discussing.
    Facebook Quesions – a creative idea, but i dont think that it would be more popular as YAHOO ANSWER is.

    if FB is going to spread their results in GOOGLE SEARCH then it would be a great for marketing prespective.

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