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Why You Should Have a Business Profile on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook

It would seem that Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are copying features from each other that it is getting to be difficult to differentiate one social network from the other.

For instance, Google has made sure that its user profiles look and feel like it is similar to Facebook, only simplified down to the basics.  Facebook, on the other hand, has made it a point to copy Google+ and Twitter features that they thought would work for them: subscribe feature, easier privacy controls, longer allowable status updates, and easier creation and maintenance of friends lists.  Twitter, on the other hand, has recently launched its brand pages.  Twitter’s brand pages have made it look closer to a timeline.

For a business owner who has a limited time for social media activities, it begs the question.  Do you really need to be on all three?

Why You Need to Be on Twitter:

Twitter is all about conversations.  These are the conversations that build authority and help make you an influential member of your industry or business.  Twitter is much more difficult because you are forced to create great content to thrive, instead of being able to wow your followers with videos and photos.  On Twitter, it is content that is interesting, informative and educational that takes center stage.  This is what gets retweeted and this is what forms the basis for your success, nothing more.

The new Twitter brand pages can help you highlight videos, photos and statuses that you like to emphasize too.  This makes important announcements, or new product pictures, or explosive bits of content have longer shelf life.  Instead of just having them on top of your business profile for a few hours, or even seconds, you can have them there for as long as you want and still update your followers about what’s happening.

Why You Need to Be on Google+:

Google+ is the newest and shiniest of the major social networking sites.  It is unclear as to how a business Google+ profile would affect your search engine rankings, but Google has some hints.

Google has said that their search ranking algorithms now take into consideration how your site and content is being shared on social media.  While they have access to Twitter data, it is very unlikely that they will have easy access to Facebook’s data.

But they have all the access they need to everything users do on Google+.  If there is a social network that would affect your search engine rankings, then it’s Google+.

What’s more, it can never hurt to get an incoming link from an authoritative site such as Google+.

Why You Need to Be on Facebook:

With close to a billion users, and with half of these users logging in every day, Facebook is certainly a force to reckon with.  It is safe to say that a majority of your customers have their own Facebook accounts.  It seems by default that if you want to capture a big part of your online customers, then you should have a Facebook page for your business.

What’s more, Facebook makes social recommendations much easier.  Your customers send out a message or notification to their friends about everything they do with regards to your business: from the moment they like your page, to tagging or mentioning your page on their walls, to liking your status updates.

Indeed, Facebook is a great platform where you could get discovered by people who have not heard about your business yet.  Plus, you are being recommended by somebody they trust, making it more likely that they will try out your business in the near future.

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  1. Social media is one of the best vehicles for your website or blog. It is also a form of netwroking and free advertising.

  2. Nice article, it is true that a business should be active on all three. With Google +, admittedly the network hasnt quite taken off, but for businesses, it is better to create a page sooner rather than later because a page that is older ranks better than a newer page in the Google + search results

  3. I think an entrepreneur who thinks of achieving his goals successfully should have a wide market area. To achieve this, they must have at least a profile with Facebook, Twitter or Google +. For example my employer makes it big when it come marketing because the face book profile.

  4. Good point, Lewis. It’s good to claim your name space on Google+ as it is quickly becoming a major piece of the puzzle, especially where profiles and authorship queries are involved. Thanks for reading, everyone!

  5. Most people don’t know how good social media can be for their business, and many don’t realize how effective social media is. Without a way of measuring the success of social media, they are blindly using that form of communication without realizing the effect it has with their customers.

  6. Social networking sites provides very nice quality of promotion, people can directly contact to you. In this time everyone searches any people and people as well, in social networking sites like facebook, twitter something else. If you are business owner you can share your thought or tips and tricks to others. you can also get more business from there..

  7. Thanks for this… we’ve been hesitating on the whole Google+ thing but might need to take the leap soon!

  8. Thanks for the review of the main social platforms. It can never hurt to increase popularity.

  9. wow wonderful review.. thanks for the awesome posts.
    we must have a business profile at all social network to provide best service.

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