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Why Most Social Pages Fail – And 5 Ways to Fix Them

small-puzzleToday, everyone wants to share their experiences online and listen to what others have experienced. It helps us know what to do and what to avoid – whether we’re planning a trip or making large purchasing decisions.
Has your company embraced this new social reality?

An incredible tool

Sure, your company may have a Facebook page and offer up a tweet every once in a while. But are you really encouraging customers to share their experiences via social media? Because that’s where the real value in it lies.

Social media gives you an incredible tool to capture those stories and turn them into advertisements that attract new customers and send positive vibes running through existing ones.

Here’s how to get customers to use social media in the most beneficial ways for your business:

1. Encourage them to be social

Customers assume you have a social media page for marketing purposes. Tell them it’s actually there for them to share their experiences with your company and offer feedback.

Whether it’s at the bottom of an email, invoice or website, link to your Facebook or LinkedIn page with a note saying “Share your experience” or “We need your feedback to get better.”

This shows confidence in your service and opens the door to a lot of great publicity.

2. Ask how you can improve

Naturally, some companies fear asking for feedback in a public forum. But as Yoda said: Fear is the path to the Dark Side.

Encouraging complaints is actually the best way to ensure customers bring them directly to you – and not to their friends or other forums. Plus, it gives you more control over the message and a better shot at recovering quickly. Tell them: “We like it when you share problems with us” and “Don’t hesitate to tell us how we can improve.”

3. Make it easy

Acknowledge a customer’s inner desire to share their experiences at the time of delivery. That’s when customers’ enthusiasm tends to be at its peak, so invite them to share stories right away. Create a promotional piece that includes your company’s Twitter handle, Facebook and LinkedIn URLs, and put it in your packaging.

4. Tell ’em to point out service heroes

To create more positive social input from customers, encourage them to point out great examples of customer service. It’s awesome for morale as well as word-of-mouth.

5. Funnel questions to social pages

Chances are much of the feedback you receive is in the form of questions. When you post those questions and answers on your social sites, it creates a wealth of info customers will want to come back to read. Example: “Yesterday we received a question via email that many of you may have. It was X. And our answer is Y.”

About the Author: An experience b2b writer for Progressive Business Publications, Christian Schappel recently helped launch Customer Experience Insight, a new resource for sales, marketing, and service professionals. Learn more about PBP, and career opportunities with the company, by visiting Progressive Business Publications Employment.

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