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Why Buying Fake Twitter Followers Is A Waste Of Money

twitter-follow-the-moneyYou know who nobody likes? Fake people. Since that’s the case, why on earth would anybody think it’s a good idea to buy fake Twitter followers? Sure, there are supposed marketing reasons behind it, but even then that outlook is shortsighted in regards to running an online business expanding an Internet presence.

We’re here to save you time and money. With that in mind, let’s go over a few prime reasons why you shouldn’t buy Twitter followers.

What is a Fake Follower and How to Spot One

Here’s the thing about fake Twitter followers – it’s easy to pick them out from the legitimate ones. If it’s so easy to tell the fake from the real, why does anyone buy Twitter followers in the first place? The “obvious” reason behind this is to inflate their follow numbers. This way other Twitter users will say to themselves, “Hey, that person’s really popular! Let’s follow them, too!”

Sound ridiculous? It is, but some people still believe in it enough to waste their money on it.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what a fake Twitter follower does:

·         They subscribe to you in exchange for cash (given)

·         They usually have the name of a product or object

·         They don’t respond to your tweets or care about your messages

·         If they do want to talk about anything, it’s only whatever benefits them

·         They follow a lot of people who have nothing in common

·         They rarely tweet, if they ever tweet at all

There are other signs to spotting a fake Twitter follower, but those are the most prominent.

What do you notice in this list? You should see a connection between each bullet. The behavior of a faker is that they take no interest in you or your message. This could be because they just wanted to get paid and move on, never to be bothered by you again, or it could be because they’re a “spammer” follower type, which we’ll touch on a bit later.

So when you go through your list of followers (or list of anybody else’s followers), look for these signs. As a quick example, suppose you go to a Twitter user’s page, and they’re all about eating healthy and exercising. Well, if you check their followers list and notice somebody named “MakeCashFastMoney”, and they’re constantly sending out promotional links in their tweets, that should send off a red flag. That’s a fake follower.

Where Do People Buy Twitter Followers?

Wherever you can get them cheaply and in mass, of course!

Here are some of the more popular websites that people buy from:






You get the point.

These marketing agencies all preach that they bring you “real” Twitter followers. Technically that’s true. The person who clicks “Follow” is certainly real… but it doesn’t mean they care about who you are or what your message is.

You can look into these websites if you want. However, if you feel compelled to go there and can’t resist buying Twitter followers of your own – good look to you. Just remember that anyone you have to PAY to follow you isn’t somebody who’s really going to care about what you have to say.

If you want to go about legitimately gathering followers; here are a couple resources you could use to help you spot fake Twitter followers with zero effort:




Why Do People Buy Fake Followers, and Why Shouldn’t You?

Simple, they think it gives them more credibility, and at a glance, it does.

You might have real people who are very impressionable, who tend to “follow the crowd” and feel compelled to follow along with the supposed masses who are following you. So there’s a bit of social psychology behind it, but here’s the bottom line…

When it comes to sending out promotions, making real connections, and having a responsive follower base… the people who buy Twitter followers are only going to look successful on the surface, but they won’t actually be as successful as they appear.

Besides this, why shouldn’t YOU buy Twitter followers?

First, you might get scammed and not receive “real” Twitter followers… but even if you do, what good are they? What are fake Twitter followers good for but a number to point at and say, “Hey, look how many followers I have!” Even then you still know that you don’t have that many actual followers, and so it’s a bit like lying to yourself.

Fake Twitter followers give the appearance of success and prestige, but you don’t actually have it. It’s like a knockoff watch, purse, or gadget. You might trick others into believing it’s real at a glance, but you know it’s fake, and if they take a closer look, they’ll know it, too.

Ask yourself: Would you rather have the appearance of success, or actual success?

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