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Which Colleges Are Getting Top Grades on Social Media?

pile-of-booksSocial media has huge influence in the lives of millions.

No matter where people are, social networking isn’t far away. Laptops, mobile phones, and tablets are on the go – just like their owners. People can check in from anyplace at any time. Social media is just as mobile as any device or person today.

Colleges realize this and many are using social media to connect and influence students and potential students. The question, though, who is doing it right?

Here’s a look at some of the most influential social media users among colleges in the nation.

University of Texas

The University of Texas utilizes social media to reach out to students, locals, and even other colleges.

Through their Know website, this university helps other colleges with a social media directory. This lists libraries, universities, and even museums.

For a university located in the same town that hosts SXSW (Austin), they’re definitely on the right track.

Baylor University

Acknowledged as the 5th most influential college on Twitter, Baylor University has this social media thing down pat.

The school has been praised for its engaging topics on social media. The school uses Facebook, Twitter, and even ItunesU for keeping students and former student in touch with what is going on in the school.

Baylor University has been named one of the top 30 social colleges in the United States.

Columbia University

This school has so many social media accounts they needed to build a directory for them all.

Columbia University has a search function for alumni to check up on social networks to keep up with old friends. There’s even a social media club run by the school.


No list of colleges that are involved in social media would be complete without Harvard University.

This school is the birthplace of Facebook. The platform began as a way for students to get to know one another, interact, and grew to embrace the globe.

Harvard is definitely one school that knows how to put social media in use.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame lists nearly all of their activities on social media.

From Facebook to Twitter, Notre Dame has it covered. The school believes that social media is important to professional development and includes their policy on social media on their website.

Not only can you find out what’s going on through their social accounts, you can sign up for text alerts through their Irish Alert SMS system.

Duke University

This school has a unique feature where people can interact with college staff through their Duke Office Hours social media system.

You can also access videos from the college through their Duke on Demand   platform.

Colleges are places to learn, yet old dogs have learned new tricks thanks to social networking.

The colleges of the U.S. are doing a stellar job in moving forward in the use of technology – social media being the number one way to reach people around the nation today.

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on social media, small business, and David Kiger.

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