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What Does The Future Of Communications Look Like?

Communication is an area of science and technology that is under constant advance. It often seems that as soon as one new technology is born, the next big thing is already being planned.

If you had mentioned smart phones that enabled you to access the web, make calls, and send text messages 100 or even 50 years ago you may well have been burned at the stake; or, at the very least, roundly chastised by your peers. So, where will communications be heading in the future?

Smartphones Get Smarter

In the very short term it looks most likely that smartphones will advance while the standard mobile phone will become obsolete. They are already becoming considerably cheaper as companies like Apple and Blackberry compete to provide the very latest in mobile devices. The mobile web is also likely to advance significantly too.


The Internet has been one of the greatest technological advances of our generation. Social networking, blogging, VoIP, and emailing have only been possible thanks to the Internet and all of these are likely to improve. We should see more devices like the tablet PC that are designed for mobility and ease of use and more devices like TVs, media players, and games consoles will offer access to the World Wide Web.

3D And Holographic Displays

3D is at the very beginning of its potential charge forth and this may be one area that enjoys similar advances, although history shows us that not all technologies grow (Betamax and HD DVD being suitable examples). Holographic type displays are already being developed and while they are expensive to develop now, most new technologies are extortionately expensive during their fledgling years.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is also beyond the dreaming stage of development with some current applications that hint towards this development. Think of Robocop or Terminator and the ability to identify people through their eyes. View a particular shop through your augmented reality glasses, and you may be provided with discount codes directly through your glasses.

Breaking Barriers

The Babel Fish of Hitch Hiker fame may also become reality. Small devices that instantly translate one language to another could help further break down geographic borders and barriers that exist between nations and people that speak different languages. At least expect phones and software to do this for you.

The Evolutionary Process of Technological Advancement

Typically, a technology is first designed by a corporation or, in some cases, an educational institution. The process is refined and the resulting product is monetised. As soon as this happens, it undergoes refinement and, as is usually the case with technology, the products are improved and become smaller. From here, new technologies or advances to existing technologies are designed and implemented.

Predicting the Future of Technology

The short term view of where communications devices are going can be predicted with at least some degree of accuracy because companies and designers are already working on them and we can use current trends to work it out. However, knowing what’s around the corner in 50 years time is much more difficult to predict, even if it is a lot of fun to do so.

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