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Vine Video Digest by Peekit

Looking to procrastinate just one minute longer on whatever you’re supposed to be doing? We thought so. Our Peekit June video release has exactly what you need to avoid getting important things done. Spend your one minute wisely and click that play button!

Remember to scroll down to see a hilarious Peekit analysis of each video.

See? We told you it would be a minute well spent, or two minutes, since you probably watched it twice, you dirty, dirty procrastinator. Let’s do some expert analysis to figure out what the heck is going on in these Vines.

Vine #1 – Saving a Friend from the Evil Giggles of Teenage Girls

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is the best kind of friend you could have. This guy noticed his amateur diver buddy was on track to belly flop in front of all the girls he was trying to impress. Mr. Perfect Friend was even nice to enough to shoot him safely into the pool when other, more painful options, were at his disposal.

Vine #2 – Spicing up Your Life

Has your house ever been so boring that all you can think of doing is creating a mini replica of your boring house, which also contains nothing to do? Yes you say? You and this guy both! Very creative use of editing, but I think my favorite part is Gangsta’s Paradise playing in the background of this white man’s suburban home.

Vine #3 – The Cat Resistance is Building

Here we go again. Another person in need of some cheap entertainment, and what’s cheaper than your cat, a box, and a piece of random junk your vacuum cleaner couldn’t suck up? With all these Vines of people messing with cats, it’s only a matter of time before they join forces and start a world takeover. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but at the end of every cat and box prank video, there’s a pissed off cat just sitting in the box, calmly coming up with a diabolical plan.

Vine #4 – Does True Love Exist Between Species?

Yes, yes it does! You thought Jimmy John’s had a quick response time, but did you see the time it took for that dog to respond to a cuddle request? No? That’s because it was instant! If that’s not enough evidence of true love for you, then maybe you should take a look at the twinkle in that boy’s eyes. Some weird, powerful emotions are manifesting themselves in those babies!

Vine #5 – Perfectly-Timed Tissue

Phew! That burning passion between boy and traveling purse-dog in the last Vine provoked tears rolling down my cheeks. Well played cute Kleenex guy. I really hope you get over that cold, buddy. Someone needs to find the sicko that gave you no arms to grab one of your own tissues. We’ll be on the look-out!

Vine #6 – Confusing the Japanese

If our language isn’t enough to leave the Japanese confused, this interpretation of sumo wrestling will definitely do the trick. The only time I’ve ever seen moves like that was that one time when I saw a plastic bag being whipped around by the wind in a heavy thunderstorm. Maybe I’m going too far here, but that’s gotta be the sexiest sumo dance the world has ever seen, which is quite an accomplishment… right?

Vine #7 – Kitchen Dance Promotion

No reason to go to a dance studio when you’ve got a smooth kitchen floor suitable any gravity-hating for moon walker. Subject A is no moon walker, but he’s got the smooth-waving Squidward arms down pat. If his tentacle arms don’t leave you in awe of his dancing prowess, then perhaps his expert twerking can convince you otherwise. This guy twerks better than 90% of girls on Youtube, and this Vine right here is how he’s promoting his online twerking seminar. Did you hear that? That’s the sound of 90% of Youtube girls saying “nuh-uh, I don’t think so” while head-bobbing and waving their finger at the screen, planning the production of their next twerking masterpiece.

Vine #8 – Now That’s a Useful Shot!

Hey now there’s a pretty cool shot! Just when I thought the world was running out of ways to shoot a basketball through the hoop, this kid shows us that it’s only just begun. Some crazy footwork involved here. Maybe he can teach our kitchen dancer in the last vine and thing or 2. One thing I’m not sure about is whether or not this specific skill is in high demand, but he sure struts off the court like it is.

Vine #9 – Quick! Put Down Your Food

Oh crap, I probably should have warned you before you watched the video. Too late! This kid is a go-getter. You can tell because he recorded his America’s Got Talent audition tape before his antibiotics kicked in. He snot going to be stopped by anything. (See what I did there?) If that slimy, sewer green mucus explosion wasn’t enough to get you to set your food down, then I don’t even want to know what your poor eyes have been through in the past.

Vine #10 – “It Was the Chair! I Promise!”

How dare you laugh at this poor girl? Don’t try to pretend that you haven’t let out an unintentional toot or 2 in your life. Damn it! Couldn’t keep a straight face while saying that. Go ahead and laugh. The day farting becomes unfunny is the day where it won’t be worth living on this planet anymore. I think the moral of this Vine is that life brings you unexpected events, and sometimes, sh*t happens.

Don’t go turning into a responsible person on us now! Be sure to check Peekit often in order to keep a good inventory of the finest procrastination material.

Eric Sornoso is a Marketing Consultant based in Los Angeles, California. He writes about the latest trends in online marketing.

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