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Using Twitter To Become A Financial Expert In Five Steps

Twitter has frequently been compared to Facebook. In reality, however, there are considerable differences between the two and describing Twitter merely as a social medium would not be doing it justice. Of course, it is fantastic as a communication tool as well, allowing you to easily stay in touch with hundreds (or even thousands) of friends all over the world. But it is a lot more to boot.

More precisely, Twitter is a tool that allows you to efficiently channel and process information by representing it in condensed messages of 140 characters. Your timeline in twitter is like a constantly updating newswire tailored to nothing but your own interests and needs. It is this unique and currently unmatched ability to focus information and create a direct link between the sender and reader of that very information, which can help you save a lot of money by using the service. At least, if you’re following the five most important steps we have compiled for you here:

1. Replace sms with Twitter

All across the world, teenagers and grownups alike are sending insane amounts of text messages using their mobile phones each month. Bills for these messages, seemingly innocently priced, can quickly rack up and have already left many deeply in debt. You can save all of these costs by replacing SMS with twitter (or similar services like whatsapp). These are online-based and if you’ve already taken out an Internet package on your smartphone, won’t incur any additional costs.

2. Use Twitter to find great money-saving deals

Coupons have been one of the major success stories in business over the past years, turning into a multi-billion-dollar industry. There are specialist blogs informing you about the latest offers, but visiting them each day and filtering out what’s relevant to you can be a drag. Twitter can help you stay up to date and separate the wheat from the chaff far more easily, so you can reap the full benefits of coupons.

3. Use Twitter to find attractive investment opportunities

In sync with the growth of the finance news industry, many experts are now using twitter to inform their followers about the latest developments and investment opportunities on the stock- or housing-markets. Not all of these suggestions will be relevant to you, but quite a few of them just might. In some cases, being quick may make all the difference between snapping up a great opportunity – or missing out on it.

4. Use Twitter to bargain directly with companies

Most companies, be they big or small, can be found on twitter these days. This gives you a great opportunity to contact them directly and try to bargain with them. Trying to get the price of a product down is one option, but you can also try to get more for the same price or negotiate better conditions in general. Since sending out a quick tweet doesn’t cost you anything, this is always worth a try.

5. Use Twitter to learn about professional finance strategies

By following experts, companies and press in the finance field on twitter, you are, as it were, taking private courses in economics each single day. Not only are you staying in touch with recent developments in the commodity and stock markets, but you’re also staying informed about valuable articles and papers published across the globe. By reading them carefully, you’ll build up in-depth know-how and professional knowledge which will help you make better choices and decisions in the future.

And there’s a final point, which you should also take into consideration: By using Twitter, you can inform yourself about the banking market and find more attractive bank accounts, such as basic bank accounts, online. This is a particularly important aspect, since your bank account is where you entire financial strategy starts. By taking these points into consideration, you will be able to save a lot of money using twitter – and turn into a financial expert in the process yourself.

By William MastersThis article was written in association with eccount money, a leader in bank accounts for bad credit.

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  1. Interesting approach. How long did it take you to come up with this?

    Have you tried this strategy with fb or g+?

  2. I hardly suppose this will work… I tried fb but in vain

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