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Using Twitter For Your Business Without Wasting Time

One of the biggest drawbacks perceived when considering using Twitter for your business is the danger of it coming a “time suck”. And, if you don’t implement a strategy for using this great social networking tool, you could easily end up spending too much time tweeting and not enough building your business.

While you may use Twitter sporadically for personal tweeting, when using Twitter in business you need to schedule your use. Set aside a time of day when your target market is online – the time when the majority will be checking their Twitter stream. During this block of time you can make most effective use of Twitter, as you’ll be getting your message in front of a larger audience in your target market.

Have a strategy for making the best use of your scheduled Twitter time. First, check all mentions (@YourUsername) and reply to them, whether they asked a question or simply mentioned you. This is your relationship-building time. Next, provide some helpful niche-targeted news and information. This is your expertise-establishing time. Finally, create any promotional tweets, using attention-grabbing words and a strong call to action. This is your marketing time.

Stick to your schedule, restrict yourself to reading tweets and tweeting during your time block, and you’ll avoid the “time suck” and profit from your use of Twitter.

This is a guest post by Kevin Riley who blogs on How To Use Twitter Like A Vending Machine And Make Money On Autopilot.

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  1. This seems to be quite easy to do and it looks efficient !

  2. Fantastic advice here, there must be millions of people that could do with reading this! Tweeting however much fun or business generating can easily kill an hour here and there. Great advice!

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