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3 Absolutely Cool Twitter Search Tricks to Help You Save Money!

If you hear “search”, you think “Google” – this is totally true. But sometimes you need some refresher and some alternative – this post will show you just that.

Below please find 3 absolutely cool Twitter search tricks that will help you save money!

Search by Emotions

Did you know that you can use smilies to enhance your search on Twitter? Add :) or :( to your search query and see how (dis)pleased the people are!

The best things about this trick are:

  • Emotionally-colored Tweets are likely to come from *real* people (not some Twitter robots that streamline the news automatically);
  • In many cases the smilies reflect emotions, so you can find real people’s feedback on the product you want to buy.

Twitter search save

Search Questions

Another cool trick is to append ? (question mark) to your search query (with the space) to narrow results to related questions:

  • Find out what people ask to discover what you should really worry about when considering some big purchase
  • Discover interesting discussions related to your deals or coupon codes you are going to use.

Twitter search save

Exclude Links

I do tweet links a lot, so I have no right to complain, I guess but there are way too many links tweeted every second. Sometimes. because of those links you risk missing some important *real* people’s feedback, reviews and opinions.

Do you want to only see Twitter conversations (with no links in them), -filter:links operator added to your search!

Save twitter search

Useful, isn’t?

Oh! And don’t forget you can combine any of the above tricks to play even more!

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11 Replies

  1. I didn’t know the trick to filter links, thanks for the info. I retweeted/and shared on

  2. Had no idea about this – very cool, particularly the emotions bit.

  3. hi,

    i could still see links appearing in the search results.
    please try [promote online -filter:links]

  4. Annie Wallace Jan 11th 2011

    @gudipudi, I could only see one link (without http:/ part). I guess they are posted not as links but then get automatically linked by Twitter – this way they slip to the filtered results.

  5. Ya Annie, seems to be logical. thank you for reply.

  6. Alice Dunn Aug 7th 2011

    Thanks, won’t robots write with more emotion now, as to counteract your advice? xD
    I’m sure robot programmers try to do their best to make the robots look as human as possible, you have given away the golden tip they needed!!!

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