Hottest News on Social Media versus – How Are They Different

Twitter search can be accessed in two ways:

From your profile (at!/search)

From the subdomain at (formerly known as Summize)

While being powered by the same engine, these two may provide slightly different results:
People Search Option Yes No
Promoted Tweets Yes No*
Top tweets Yes (called “Top Tweet”) Yes (signed as “XX+ Recent Tweets)
The option to remove top tweets No Yes (by clicking “Refresh” link)
The option to retweet and favorite any tweet Yes No
The option to reply to any tweet Yes Yes
Advanced search option Yes (The same options as the has but through the search operators**) Yes (exact match, exclude any word, one of these words, near any place, filter by language, related to some person, near some place, date range, filter by an enotion / smilie), search for questions, include retweets)

* I wasn’t able to find any conformation about that – so this point is based on my personal observations.

** has the same advanced search options but there’s no separate page to set them.

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