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Tubri: In Real Life People Aren’t Always Friends

Most modern lives are made up of many complex social bonds to different groups of people. In the real world there are certain social conventions which we uphold, often behaving very differently depending on whether we are talking to our boss, partner, friends or work colleagues. In cyberspace though things have become a little bit more open, with conventions and manners often being thrown out the window in favor of announcing anything which happens to cross a persons mind.

The rise of social media has been absolutely great, letting individuals and organizations communicate in ways which have never been seen before. It does however lead to an incredible amount of exposure, especially in regards to peoples personal accounts.

Privacy is a hot topic at the moment, with some of the biggest sites on the net such as Facebook and Google telling people that the idea of personal privacy is dead. In the midst of this new age of sharing comes Tubri, a site which provides social networking, but without having to expose everything you think to everyone you know.

The idea behind Tubri is a simple one, its all about controlling the appearance you present to the world. There is no generic wall or comments section for people to post whatever they want about you on, no globally searchable photos and no access for the major search engines. In essence it is a truly private social networking site.

Facebook like news feeds are still present, but the content of the feeds is far more restricted.When a member becomes friends with someone on Tubri they choose what group of people to put them in. No one can tell what groups they have been put in, nor can anyone see what kind of groups other users have set up, that information is restricted to the person who created the group in the first place. Any status updates a member makes only gets sent out to the specified groups, instead of everyone in their contacts list.

Not being at the whim of your so called friends when it comes to getting stealth tagged in photos, whilst also being able to control who sees what status updates, are both features I would certainly like to see in my social network of choice. Will it be enough to get Tubri off the ground as a real rival to places like Facebook and Twitter? Or will the idea simply be picked apart and incorporated as features into other already successful platforms? It’s too early to tell, though the Tubri’s pledge to maintain absolute privacy for its members may be enough to set it up as a serious long-term contender for Facebooks throne.

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