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Top Marketing Tips For 2015

marketing-tips2015 has come and with it, a whole new range of opportunities have risen. It’s up to us to take out company to the next level, but in order to do such a thing we need to make some improvements in both the production and marketing sector.

Digital marketing is very important in 2015, especially since this particular mechanic has been on the rise in the past few years, so a lot of attention needs to be placed on the way we get more customers and increase the revenue of your company. In this article we are going to focus on some of the best tips that you can use in order to get the best results from your marketing campaigns in 2015.

1. Know and understand your ideal customer

Many companies struggle in order to find the perfect customer for them, but in order to do such a thing they need to study the niche intensively. Micro-targeting is the best way to achieve such a result, and it’s a technique that can prove to be very helpful.

2. Train your employees to use social media and other promotional tools

Many companies fail to realize that their employees can be the starting source for the next social media campaign, as this is one thing that can help your business stand out and become a success.

3. Make your site mobile friendly

Since soon enough most of the web traffic will be made via a mobile phone, it’s imperative to ensure that you create a mobile version of your site or come with a complete revamp in the form of a responsive website design. This will help you a lot and provide a better experience for all visitors.

4. Get better content for your site

Content quality is very important nowadays, so you need to avoid posting just for the sake of it. Instead, you need to have professional content on your site, content that will engage visitors and entice them to check out or even purchase your product.

5. Perform a competitor analysis and watch your analytics

It’s very important that in 2015 you focus on your analytics in order to see what works and what doesn’t on your site, but also remember to check out the competition, and inspire from what they are doing right.

6. Use social media websites

Let’s face it, social media is here to stay so you might just as well embrace its power. Create as many social media accounts but avoid posting the same content on all of them and instead focus on creating different content, as this will entice people to follow your posts on all social media sites that you use.

7. Remember software prospecting

There are numerous software tools that have been created for small businesses, and they can help from everything to scheduling social media posts to filing tax documents. These tools are amazing and very easy to use, so you are bound to improve the efficiency of your company thanks to them.

8. Engage in link generation

Generating as many links towards your site will help with your SEO, but it will also provide you with some astonishing results when it comes to gaining the trustworthiness that your site needs.

9. Connect with your customers and check on their feedback at all times

A company can grow only if it has a large user base, and because of that you need to treat your customers the best way you can. Interact with them at all times, and encourage them to generate content that relates to your company as well as use the social media. These tools can act as free promotional items that will bring you astonishing results in the end.

10. Use visuals

Let’s face it, people just hate to read long posts, and instead they like visuals. Because of that, try to harness the power of videos, infographics and images whenever you want to promote your business!

These are some of the top marketing tips for 2015 that you should integrate into your promotional strategies if you want great results. Staying close to the customer base and innovating, as well as checking out the competition or using more visuals are some of the best ways you can get ahead in the constant battle for the best results, so do try to use these tips as fast as possible!

Top Marketing Tips from Daisy Burgess, branding specialist. Offline marketing advice courtesy of Stupid Tuesday Promotional Clothing site

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