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Top 6 Blogs to Hate and Why

Not everyone should start a blog. If you don’t have anything new, insightful, or witty to say, you should probably just keep your thoughts to yourself and not share them for the whole world. We’ve all come across these blogs before- the ones whose writers are badly misinformed or deeply in self-denial about their level of education or sense of humor.

I don’t want to read her blog unless she types it.

It’s kind of like those kids on American Idol who get up in front of the judges, sing horribly, and then get mad or break down in tears when the judges tear them apart. Did no one before this point tell them that they couldn’t sing? That they sounded like a frog choking on a kazoo? This can’t be a revelation to them, can it? Can it?

Unlike American Idol, however, bloggers don’t have anyone to tell them they suck. But it’s about time we did.

1. Mom Blogs

A bit of an easy target, but mom blogs are rife with the most disgusting treacle ever published. Bad writing. Cheesy photos. Auto-playing country music that you can’t turn off! A word to the moms out there: your blog will be an embarrassment to your children once they hit puberty. I’m just warning you ahead of time.

(Quick note here to all moms who are going to hate me: I am a mommy blogger myself! Let’s learn to mock ourselves!)

2. Extreme Political Blogs

Dear Mr. Right-Wing-Gun-Nut and Mr. Bleeding-Heart-Intellectual, You’re viewpoints are not new or insightful. Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck already said that same thing, like two weeks ago. And just because you agree with them, doesn’t make that something worth sharing. In fact, you should probably keep it to yourself.

3. Cat Blogs

Really? Why do these exist? No one wants to know about the daily activities of your cat. You are very creepy. And I pity you.

4. Photoblogs with Bad Photos

Just because you got a digital camera for Christmas doesn’t mean you are a photographer. Photographers are people who have training, experience, and an eye for design and drama. Apparently you have an eye for blurry pictures of sunsets and your kids eating breakfast.

5. My Horrible Life Blogs

No one wants to hear about how horrible your life is. If all you are going to do is complain, then even less people will want to be your friends. Life is hard. Get over it. Move on. And stop blogging.

6. Skanky Blogs

I realize you are now 18 and you’re off at college, but that does not give you permission to post drunken ramblings on your blog accompanied with pictures of you plastered, being slutty, and throwing-up behind a 7-11. You do not impress anyone. Stop.


Of course, there are a number of other blogs that need to die as well like product endorsement blogs or blogs that are nothing but embedded YouTube videos. If you’re guilty of any of these offenses, get some survey software and get some feedback on your blog from people who read it.

You will be appalled. You will be like that untalented kid on American Idol, breaking down and crying because he’s just realized the utter depth of his complete and total self-deception. And it will be glorious.

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8 Replies

  1. Well said , and there is a seventh variety called the “we have 1000 posts in our archive but they all mean crap ” kinds that irritates me a lot ! a 1000 long tails means these useless blogs show up very frequently in niche related searches and they are of no help really !
    I think search engines should start making a voting system like the social bookmarking sites and sites with a low usability score should be removed from search results ! These sites are more heinous that the scrapper sites!

  2. At first, I took offense at your hatred for cat blogs. I love cats, but you’re right. Knowing how many times they turned around in their litter box before creating a brown sculpture should be left between them and God, not shared with the world via their blog.

  3. Annie Wallace Feb 21st 2011

    @Brian, I LOVE cats as well, so I didn’t mean to say otherwise!

    @Rohan, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Too funny

  5. Hahah, My name is the Escaped Cat, I can’t stop laughing about the Hate Cat’s blog. My blog is about everything in social media but Cats 😛 😛 hope I don’t fit in your category of Cat’s blog.. haha..

    Meooooow Escape Escape now..

    Ps: Waiiit I am no Spam I promise xD

  6. Annie Wallace Feb 27th 2011

    Your blog is lovable as well as your avatar!

  7. I feel, one should have a blog if they have something different or insightful to offer. Alas most blogs have same content coated with different experince.

    Owning a blog is more like having an email id. Every one wants to have it. But as every one has the right to live likewise every one has the right to express what they want, it might be wonderful or sad. It is just their way of expressing and living.

  8. I knew the rest of your post was going to be a good read after I read and laughed at 1. MOM BLOGS.

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