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The Rise of Facebook Advertising Agencies

You probably have seen Facebook Pages and ads for Jack Daniel’s, Dell, Capital One, and Dell.

However, while you many not know is that these pages and ads are no longer being created by companies or traditional marketing agencies as much as they were in the past. As Facebook continues to grow as the biggest black hole in the Internet, a new breed of digital agencies is rising: the ones specializing in Facebook advertising only. Take a look at the chart below breaking down the share of 195 billion impressions of Facebook ads in 192 countries in just a 3 month period.

facebook advertising stats

Source: TBD Digital - Global Facebook Advertising Report Q3 2011.

TBG Digital: A leader in the Niche

Based out of London and with offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Paris and Hamburg, TBG Digital stands out as one of the leaders in Facebook advertising, managing over 200 advertisers in 190 countries. Simon Mansell, TBG Digital’s CEO, appeared on the BBC2 “Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook” documentary on December 4, 2011 and now available online on BBC’s iPlayer.

This agency helped Dell increase the return on their ad spend by 60%. The capabilities of Facebook advertising agencies such as TBG Digital include the ability of running 1,000 ad variants while testing variables including: gender, age, image, copy, and time of day. These tests provide constant direction on top performing variables for each promotion and each target audience.

Watch the agency’s video for the Heineken Music Match at the Facebook Studio.

Check out TBG Digital (and some cool Facebok advertising reports) at

Do you think Facebook advertising is a sustainable industry? Let me know in the comments section.

By Damian Davila, blogger covering tech and gadgets at You can read more articles from Damian at SexySocialMedia here. Follow him on Twitter at @idaconcpts.

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  1. Simple answer: because that’s where the people are!

  2. Wow, someone was thinking. A very good post you put in place.

    I’m sure it will take a lot of the stress away !
    Good work

  3. great blog, im not too keen on it actually, I think Facebook has become a huge ad campaign platform. still, people have to advertise their products somehow

  4. Most companies now have Facebook accounts or pages because it is the most accessible and cheapest way to advertise.

  5. I have been flooded with mails from such companies daily in the morning. Why would anybody need an advertising firm for that? i come from a non-technical/advertising background and i have been able to do it with an ease.. trust me if i can do it, anybody can…

  6. @Mark Agreed

    @John Because when you go with the pros, you get better results :)

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